2k gold Brythoniaid host

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Jonathon Chester
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2k gold Brythoniaid host

Postby Jonathon Chester » Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:37 am

So I was having a quick look at the new musters and tried to write a few lists to see how the new ubiquities effect me and what I will be buying in future to round out my collection.. Here is the list I came up with:

General Teryn Bwa, Arfwisg Trwm uncommon
Tawrdraig rare
Teulu 10 Full Command mainstay

Commander Dewindraig Dragonspear, Ignite, Enflame rare
Dyndraig 3 Beaten armour, Full Command uncommon

Commander Abad 1 uncommon
Command Rhyfelwr 10 Full Command mainstay

Commander Uchewlr 1 Bwa, Arfwisg Trwm, shield common
Rhyfelwr 10 Full Command mainstay

Commander Prifdynwocor 1 battered armour uncommon 2
Dynwocor 3 Battered armour full command common

Total 2000 gold

Idea behind this list was to get a medium level stompy monster and then try to get a mix of both draigs and wocors in for a nice mix of everything.
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