Brythoniaid 999 list comments and criticims requested

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Brythoniaid 999 list comments and criticims requested

Postby HughB » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:11 pm

So this is my first foray into the brythoniaid after previously playing nothing but Fomoraic. I'd be very grateful for any thoughts you all have:

General - Uchelwr with bwa - 44 gold

Uchelwr commands the following:

bard - 31 gold

10 rhyfelwr, mainstay unit (free command to fulfill minimum ubiquity) - 110 gold

10 drilled rhyfelwr, common unit (free command to fulfill minimum ubiquity) - 140 gold

Commander - Prifdyndraig - 148 gold

Prifdyndraig commands the following:

5 dyndraig, mainstay unit (thanks to the prifdyndraig) (free command to fulfill minimum ubiquity) with armour upgradr - 325 gold

Cawrdraig, common - 199 gold

Total gold - 997

The thinking with this list is that the dyndraig unit form the main battle line flanked by the cawrdraig and prifdyndraig. The two units of rhyfelwr accompanied by the bard and the uchelwr are on move orders in skirmish formation and their job is to get around the flanks of the opposition and harry units flanks and rear with bow fire. It turns out I had a bit of a rules derp (no surprise there) and if a noble accompanies a skirmishing unit, the noble needs to have the skirmisher skill themselves for the unit to still be able to skirmish. This means that the bard can't be attached to the rhyfelwr and would either need to keep up with them as best she can or hang out behind the draigs to boost their fortitude. To get the extra points to upgrade the uchelwr to be able to skirmish costs 5 points so I need to find three points from somewhere. Options so far - drop the bard, drop the uchelwrs bow, drop the armour upgrade for the dyndraig, drop the upgrade on the drilled rhyfelwr and return them to normal rhyfelwr, drop one of the rhyfelwr and only take 9 (this would then mean that they would no longer count towards minimum ubiquity and would have to pay for their command group but the uchelwr himself and the cawrdraig are both common units in this set up so I'd still have enough units for the sake of ubiquity). Thoughts on what would be the best option would be most appreciated.

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