1K Fomoraic List...Opinions?

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1K Fomoraic List...Opinions?

Postby Raya » Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:50 pm

I've been playing around with writing up a 1000g entirely beast Fomoraic list (mainly to help me decide what to spend my kickstarter pledge on!). I want an entirely beast army, so humans need not apply. So far it's looking like:

Sronax Tain w/ armour: 169
Gabrax Tain on toracx: 136
3x Sronax w/ armour and command: 291
Feleox: 168
Mallox: 209
TOTAL: 973

Originally I was planning a Sronax list until I discovered that Sronax generals have all the authority of a potted plant. As a result I had to drop 2 Sronax to fit the Gabrax Tain in just to cover the authority costs.

This force has one objective: surge forward and crush things. A full charge of the Sronaxes with their tain is enough to put a crimp in anyone's day. Because of their bulk I'm expecting them to withstand a lot of damage, so even if they get hit with a storm of arrowfire or magic a few will still get through to combat. Weight of numbers should also help against big beasties, since it's unlikely that my opponents will be fielding more than one giant monster.

The weakness of the force is its manoeuvrability (or lack thereof). Small nimble units and fliers can easily run rings around the Sronax, hence taking the Feleox. He's there to harass/eat small units and stop things getting behind the Sronax. The Gabrax on his toracx has the same aim.

The Mallox is mainly there because I love the model :D He's also the heavy hitter, supporting the Sronax and defending the flank.

How do you think this list will work?

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