999 gold Goaty list plus any love for the Mallox?

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999 gold Goaty list plus any love for the Mallox?

Postby HughB » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:55 pm

There hasn't been much action in the muster list/tactics discussion recently so I thought I'd post my most recently used 999 list for fomoraic to see what peoples thoughts were (comments and criticism most welcome) on the list and also use it as a chance to ask what peoples thoughts were on the use of solitary monsters in a 999 list. I'm keen to keep the big lads in my list but I've often found that a 100mm base monster under performs a bit when compared to the units of infantry/monstrous infantry. This may well be a case of me misusing my monsters however so feel free to completely disagree with me :-)

Here's the list anyway:

First command

Gabrax Untain, heavy armour upgrade - 90 General (ubiquity C2)

Within his command are the following:

1 unit of ten gabrax with heavy armour upgrade and free command - 200 (mainstay)

1 unit of ten gabrax with heavy armour upgrade, free command - 200 (mainstay)

1 gul gabrox bound to the second unit of gabrax - 78 (bound to mainstay unit)

Second command

Gabrax Warlock with dark stone artifact and three spells (ice weapons, shardlings, ice shards) - 157 commander (ubiquity U)

Mallox - 269 (ubiquity 2U)

Total 994 gold

Its a bit heavy on the gear and spells perhaps. Any thoughts?
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Re: 999 gold Goaty list plus any love for the Mallox?

Postby Rob Lane » Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:05 pm

I think that's okay Hugh, there's enough Gabrax to counter numbers and the Mallox will come keen. I do think you've gone a bit overboard with the gear and the spells though, as you say... I'd be tempted to drop the Gul-Gabrox and the Untain to a Tain, and try to get some Tarvax or other smaller monstrous infantry in...


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