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2000 gold list

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:51 pm
by James Harding
I've played quite a few games with the Khthones, and have always taken a Gorgon general (love rolling all those dice in combat!), but recently he's been found a little lacking in combat - probably bad rolls rather than anything else!

Gorgor (R) Staff and bow, Invocations(Crush, bleed) 316
5 gorgorar (M) Bow 240
Free command

Gorgonarch (C) Armour 123
5 Gorgonar (M) Armour 315
Free Command

Krokodarch (C) armour 165
5 krokodar (M) armour 490
Free command
(1649 and all compulsory selections done)

Then I start to get a bit stuck.
I'm currently only on 6 activations, and having a few more is ideal. I've considered a savrargos with Szalamandra as I've had mixed results with them and with the 'increase' in infantry their template shot gets better.
I'd probably split the units a little to, to give me more drops and some 'disposable' activations.

Any thoughts?

Re: 2000 gold list

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:07 pm
by Jonathon Chester
I'd say drop the units down to 4's to help free up some extra gold then I'd consider either a monster such as the vasilisk or maybe a third combat unit with character, Hydrar may be a good choice to offer a bit more variety of units.

I would maybe consider a 3 man unit of gorgorar with bows to baby sit a gorgonargos or gorgorargos to offer additional magic support. I do like your mentioned idea of the savres realm units. My final suggestion would be some of the burrowing units may help with those extra activations