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2000 gold Norse

Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 7:21 am
by staggerlee
Hi, With my first Darklands battles coming up, I am trying to make a 2000 g list for the Norse.
I would appriciate if any feedback. So here it is:

Troll Konungr (general) (rare)
4 Trolls (Mainstay)
1 Fell troll (Uncommon(2))

Steersman (uncommon)
10 Holumann (Mainstay)
10 Holumann (Mainstay)

Erilaz (Uncommon(2))
10 Holumann Bowmenn (common)
Visi (common)

Blood Maw (rare)

3 mainstay
2 Common
4 Uncommon
2 Rare

With invocations this list comes Close to 2000 gold. I am thinking that maybe i should drop the fell troll, and erilaz in Exchange for a Troll Gothi?

Re: 2000 gold Norse

Posted: Wed May 18, 2016 11:08 am
by Rob Lane
Looks good Lee - you could go Troll Gothi, for two Invokers, easily... there's advantages to both. Whatever you fancy there, I think...