Cascadia (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon)

For players in the USA and Canada to introduce themselves.
Darq Hunter
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Cascadia (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon)

Postby Darq Hunter » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:12 pm

I'm in Seattle and work at a game shop with some nice tables. Once I get my Angelcynn, I'd be down for stumbling through the rules.

With Amtrak and the Bolt Bus going from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland I figure it is easy enough for everyone to get together.
Pirate Robot Ninja
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Re: Cascadia (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon)

Postby Pirate Robot Ninja » Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:33 pm

I'm part of Chop! Gaming Club in Vancouver, BC. We've got a good 6-10 guys with a Darklands force on the way. Interest among the rest of the club has been low largely due to Kickstarter fatigue, but once minis arrive I'm hoping interest will pique. We had a vibrant WHFB community back when that game still existed, and many people are just kind of in a holding pattern waiting for a new game to tickle their fancy. Really hoping that Darklands is going to be that game.

I've already got my Ysian ax drunes in the mail. They're assembled and test mini is painted up. Goal is to have them painted (or mostly painted) by the time the rest of my force arrives early March.

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