Los Angeles & surrounding SoCal area

For players in the USA and Canada to introduce themselves.
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Skull king
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Los Angeles & surrounding SoCal area

Postby Skull king » Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:04 am

Hello my fellow smog addled citizens!

I am almost finished finally painting a host of Fomoraic fiends, and they are looking for trouble! Admittedly, the new muster changes which just hit, have adjusted things a bit, so I have a bit more painting to do on them. However, I thought I'd reach out to any potential Darklands players in the area, and see if they wanted to meet up for a game at some point.

I know a couple of great stores to play at in the area, Game Empire Pasadena, Emerald knight, and I'm sure there's others as well which we could meet at.

Hopefully, once the Fomorians are finished (and then a few Skorne need to be attacked with paint), I'll begin on my army of Ysians, giving me a second force as well.

In general, I'd just love to see how many Mierce players, or just collectors/painters are in the area!
Blue Prophet
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Re: Los Angeles & surrounding SoCal area

Postby Blue Prophet » Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:38 am

I am itching to try playing the game sometime after I get the book.

I am in the Eastern San Gabriel Valley, so Pasadena is a possibility. I've been to Game Empire a couple times.

Unfortunately as a novice painter who is also painting figures for the rpg that I am running, plus some terrain for that game, I have nothing fully assembled or painted for Darklands yet. I am planning on working up a Norse host first. I have no idea when I will have a playable sized force assembled much less painted. I also am not sure on the best approach to even use assembled but unpainted figures to play with anyway (figuring that would be fine at these early stages of Darklands play). I am trying the painting method of pinning their exposed feet and shoving that into large corks while painting. Also as a novice miniature painter I am intimidated by how to approach a basing scheme. I really want each kindred that I paint to have a distinctive base scheme that fits with the kindred's location. I have ideas, the book will help some more, but I'm lacking enough basing technique experience to make consistent quality bases across all the kindred figures.

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