Heralds & other Unit Command Minis

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Heralds & other Unit Command Minis

Postby OrlandotheTech » Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:14 pm

"If the mustered herald of a unit dies, he may be replaced by a unit warrior who then becomes its herald. Simply replace the unit warrior miniature with the herald miniature that has been removed. This represents warriors retrieving the instrument as it falls"

not an issue yet but

this is fine for miniatures where there is an instrument to pick up, but you'll need to include something for those where the instrument is a physical part of the mini (like the Kthones heralds tail rattle).....

some players are bound to insist that since another mini can't pick up the instrument their opponent HAS to loose the herald even if they have non command models left, some folk just can help themselves grabbing any advantage even if it's not intended (unless this is the intention?)

(I can't think of any Banner bearers with 'natural' banners yet but if you ever plan to include any in future the similar wording there might need some thought)
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Re: Heralds & other Unit Command Minis

Postby Rob Lane » Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:13 pm

Hi Orlando

Gotcha - yea, something to deflate the rules lawyers will be added. Good point, that!


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