Darklands: First Edition - Official Addenda

A place to read and talk about our official updates, errata and addenda for Darklands. Please post all rules queries here!
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Darklands: First Edition - Official Addenda

Postby Rob Lane » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:10 pm

This page will list all of the official addenda for the Darklands: First Edition rule book.

Each addendum will eventually be provided upon a PDF document that can be printed out, with each paragraph(s) having a separate entry so that they can be cut out and stuck in to the rule book.

Each quote below will add to the rules in the rule book.

Page 202:
-1 - Attacked warrior is using both a weapon and an armour element with the rule "Parry", such as a sword and shield, regardless of the enemy warrior's strength. This modifier replaces both the weapon and armour element's parry modifier and is not cumulative with the parry modifiers given if the warrior is a Shieldwall warrior, but does apply if the Shieldwall warrior's modifiers are negated by an enemy warrior's higher strength.


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