H:GS,Emp,Mierce-KS1,Dyst, WWX, FW CDwarfs W:$, Variou

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H:GS,Emp,Mierce-KS1,Dyst, WWX, FW CDwarfs W:$, Variou

Postby Lochlannon » Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:49 pm

True Haves: Dystopian Wars, Empire, High Stakes Drifter, Dark Age Miniatures by Mirerce – Listed, WWX Incoming – All factions, GodSlayer Halodynes,

Chaos Dwarves - Forgeworld
1 Forgeworld Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith from Gamesday assembled and sprayed black
3 bags of Forgeworld Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard with fireglaives. Thats 30 altogether.
4 bags of Forgeworld Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard with hand weapons and shields. 40 altogether, 10 assembled.
1 Chaos Dwarf command set assembled.

1 Demarchon
1 Syntarch
16 hoplites
1 Sanctum Priestess
2 Cerberos
8 Hill Ogres
1 Oracle Warlord

GodSLayer - Rulebooks

WWX List – Note this is Pending in, Included a link so you know what the game is


These Items are Leaving Rather quickly get them while you can.

Dark Council
Dark Council
Ladies of the West
Spirit Totem
Spirit Totem
WWX Concept Art Book
WWX Official Core Rulebook
WWX Official Core Rulebook

Enlightened - Dr. Carpathian (Alternate Sculpt)
Enlightened - Phonic Blaster - Hvy Weapon
Enlightened - Powder Keg - Hvy Weapon
Enlightened - Powder Keg - Hvy Weapon
Enlightened - Thomas Edison (Wave 1)
Enlightened - Wave 2 - Hired Hands

Outlaw - Billy the Kid (Wave 2)
Outlaw - Billy the Kid (Wave 2)
Outlaw - Frank James (Wave 1)
Outlaw - Hired Hands – Wave 1
Outlaw - Jesse James (Wave 1)
Outlaw - Shotgun - Hvy Weapon
Outlaw - Sniper Rifle – Hvy Weapon
Outlaw - Sniper Rifle – Hvy Weapon
Outlaw - Sniper Rifle - Hvy Weapon
Outlaw - Wave 2 - Hired Hands
Outlaw - Wave 2 - Hired Hands

Union - General Grant (Alternate Sculpt)
Union - Rocket Pod - Hvy Weapon
Union - Wave 2 - Hired Hands

Warrior Nation
Warrior Nation - Gatling Gun - Hvy Weapon
Warrior Nation - Gatling Gun - Hvy Weapon
Warrior Nation - Sitting Bull (Wave 1)
Warrior Nation - Sky Spirit (Wave 1)
Warrior Nation - Wave 2 Hired Hands

Dust Tactics
Rifle Squad
Battle Squad
Red Guard Anti Tank
Transport Heli with Chinese Volunteers
Attack Heli
Close Combat Squad
Grandma and Koshka and the building they came with
Winter Child
Dice Set

The Priest
Johnny One Eye
Action Jackson
Grim Reapers
Red Devils
BBQ Squad
Recon Boys
The Boss
Extras(1 Bazooka,5 normal guns,1 leadder w shotgun, 1 shotgun)
Crack Shots
13 Foxtrot
Devil’s Own
The Boss
Heavy Ranger – tank hunters (NC)
Heavy ranger – Command (NC)

Dystopian Wars – new in box (35 each box plus shipping)
Kingdom of Britannia Naval Group
Kingdom of Britannia Land Starter
2 sets of Dystopian Wars cards

Warhammer Fantasy
Empire – Kiselvite Army – as a group or very, very good offers – Lots of Rare Stuff
2 great cannons no crew
10 knights assembled some primed not on the horses.
20 hand gunners/x bow on sprue
1 empire general (sprue)
Empire Army Standard (Sprue)
3 Old Metal Griffon Riders & Griffons
1 fine cast witch hunter (NIB)
1 fine cast battle wizard (NIB)

Lizardmen – old school
Lizardman sprue
Another Sprue
6 bigger lizardmen, 4 smaller
Close up of the 4 larger

High Elves
Spearmen and Archers
High Elves 1 - http://s16.postimg.org/djnx6fnet/High_Elves_1.jpg
High Elves 2 - http://s23.postimg.org/sa6nnvksb/High_Elves_2.jpg
High Elves 3 - http://s23.postimg.org/84899n7y3/High_Elves_3.jpg

Darklands - Mierce Miniatures - Darklands

http://www.mierce-miniatures.com/index. ... mr&sou=cat

ckaarakk, untain of the tarvax
aanchuth the cursed, warlock of the gabrax
daachuch the broken, skull-bearer of the gabrax
brunchaath the vile, tain of the gabrax
raakanasck, gultain of the tarvax
inavaak, tarvax warrior
piraack, tarvax warrior

órorqaan, gultain of the srónax
qqolaan, skull-bearer of the srónax
ucquraan, srónax warrior
kraan, untain of baalor on foot
maagaan, warlock of baalor

ophios, gorgon of khthon
Svrill, wielder of khthon
vilthiss, champion of khthon
issithill, agitator of khthon
3 other Gorgons

gulguta, kill-brute
lugung, scythe-brute
uggurd, falx-brute
muldo, spike-brute
nung, horn-brute
Drune Goader Unit (3 strong)
the rose of ker-ys, witchling
ungefelic, mantichora
Blunt Claw

carrowek of carn dhu, war-drune on foot
Ax Drune Unit (5 Strong)
Bow Drune Unit (5 Strong)
Kernuor, Seer-Drune
Ulric the Defiler, Autonomor
Mawdred of Carn Dhu

Dark Eldar

12 foot troops, and 5 leaders – these are old school

Terrain and Aegis Defence Line
Terrain 1 http://s8.postimg.org/vx1z1w9s5/Terrain_1.jpg
Terrain 2 http://s16.postimg.org/8hb6pe3id/Terrain_2.jpg
Defence Line http://s18.postimg.org/p4qdkcy3d/Defens ... nights.jpg

Space Marine
Lukas the Trickster – Finecast
Tech Priest and 4 servators

HIgh Stakes Drifter
Here are a number of pictures of a very nice unplayed high stakes drifter set


Snug in the Box

Nintendo 3ds
MarioKart 7
Pilotwings Resort

Nintendo DS
NintendDogs Dachshund & Friends * 2
Game & Watch Collection
Eragon DS


Dust tactics: Heavy walkers, Dust Studio special walkers (ha ha), Special Heroes,

SSU Campaign Book (With the SSU Army List)

Tina and Hyane – www-dust-models.com
Justine & Co – www.dust-models.com
Sigrid Von Thaler www.dust-models.com

Dust Tactics SSU
SSU HeavyTesla Bunker/Srongpoint * 2
SSU DT057 Steel Guards NCO Command Squad
SSU Steel Guards Sniper Team – “Silent Death”
SSU Steel Guards Assault Squad – “Red Tornado”

Dust Tactics Allies P-48 Pelican
Bellowing Bertie Diving Dotty ~ APR - 29.99
Heavy Antitank Grenadiers - Jagdgrenadiere, Laser-Jagdgrenadiere
Horten HO-347 - Fledermaus III, Fledermaus IV
Axis Ubertoten Assault Squad - Braineaters
Axis Ubertoten Suicide Squad - Heilige Tod
Axis Ubertoten Assault Squad - Braineaters
Axis DTO78 Blutkreuz Korps Kampfaffe Pioniere Squad

Dystopian Legions:
Spartan Games - August 21st
Kingdom of Britannia Black Watch Sergeant and Specialist
Prussian Empire Landwehr Sergeant and Specialist
Kingdom of Britannia Black Watch Infantry Section
Prussian Empire Landwehr Infantry Section
Kingdom of Britannia Terrier Ironclad

Avatars of War:
Dwarf Master Gunner
Dwarf Bronzeshields
Dwarf Ironshields
Dwarf Pathfinders
Dwarf Berserker Lord with Great Weapon

DreamForge Games - Leviathan Mortis, Eisenkern Troopers - upcoming APCs

Not on my want list - Make me an offer I can't refuse even if its not on my want list.. I just may bite.

Puppetswar – Dragon Fly
Phil Winstanley
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Re: H:GS,Emp,Mierce-KS1,Dyst, WWX, FW CDwarfs W:$, Variou

Postby Phil Winstanley » Sat Oct 12, 2013 6:26 pm

Hi mate,

Just checking, is that the Gorgon starter set from KS1?

What condition are they in?
How much you looking for, for them?


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Re: H:GS,Emp,Mierce-KS1,Dyst, WWX, FW CDwarfs W:$, Variou

Postby 2kkendo » Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:35 am

I've got an Axis Heavy walker unpainted - PM sent
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Re: H:GS,Emp,Mierce-KS1,Dyst, WWX, FW CDwarfs W:$, Variou

Postby krile » Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:19 pm


Interested by Isians anf Fomoraic

I have :

- Painted Hell Dorado minis


- UNPainted Hell Dorado minis

Squamata Spitter, Sha ren Zhe , Aldar & Angelo Casaviechi, Russian Trapper & Deserters

- Dreadball :
Many sprue of any teams....

- UNpainted SMOG minis : (http://www.smog1888.com/)
Kain Finger , Mei Lang

- Unpainted Alkemy minis : (http://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/categor ... category=7)
rétiaires + létarius
2 basic warrios of the Avalon Starter

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