Trading guidelines

A place for you to contact other Kickstarter backers to trade with one another. Note we accept no responsibility for trades that don't work out - trade at your own risk!
Tim Fisher
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Trading guidelines

Postby Tim Fisher » Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:01 pm

Hi guys,

OK a few of you asked on Kickstarter if we could set up a trading sub-forum for you so you can trade some freebies you may have duplicates of etc etc.

We hear and obey!

Now, one thing i want to absolutely clear on from the get go - YOU TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK! We're providing a sub-forum for you to meet and contact one another, but that's where our involvement ends. When you're trading be very clear with one another exactly what the deal is and how you intend to operate. I'd advise recorded postage for any items of significant value lest they get lost in the post.

All other forum rules apply as usual. I would advise once initial contact is made via this forum that you take the nitty gritty of the dealings to PM/email and please do not give out any personal information such as address, email, paypal account details etc etc in the open forum.


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