Might I suggest the following

A place for you to contact other Kickstarter backers to trade with one another. Note we accept no responsibility for trades that don't work out - trade at your own risk!
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Might I suggest the following

Postby Lochlannon » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:06 pm

Link into this site for references. It seems that there are alot of spin off sites where people keep track of references. I would suggest at the very least creating an account at this site to link in references so its not a duplication of effort to try to sort through 8 sets of references.


FYI: my opinion on using this site for reference is a bit biased for my own personal reasons.. and here is why.

Link to my references:

http://www.bartertown.com/trading/ref_v ... er_id=6934

FYI this is Czar from Kickstarter

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