499 gold Ysians vs Fomoraic.

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Tim Fisher
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499 gold Ysians vs Fomoraic.

Postby Tim Fisher » Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:45 pm

Here at Mierce Towers (more of a bungalow really!) we've been going at each other like knives on old settee (sofa) playing a load of 499 gold games.


A) they take around 45mins to an hour - ideal lunchtime bashes!
B) At Salute this weekend we'll be running demo games of 499 gold musters using these lists (or something close) so it's great practice for smooth games.

Just this afternoon me and Mierce Minion, Jaimie played a game using the following musters.

Ysians - Jaimie
Battle-Drune in his pants - 74
10x Ax-Drunes - 220
5x Bow-Drunes - 70
2x Brutes - 108
1x Goad-Drune - 25

Fomoraic - Tim
Gabrax Tain - 63
3x Tarvax - 207
Mallox - 209

As you can see the Ysians have been built with numbers and a wee bit of mixed arms in mind, the Fomoraic are pure mush-smash-monster mash! So in a demo game the gamer has a choice of styles.

Deployment looked like this.


As you can see the Tarvax and Gabrax Tain planned to hop from cover (hill) to more cover (wood) to hide from those pesky archers (volley fire really ruins my day). On the Ysian side the archers were on the hill to give them line of sight over their kin with the Ax Drunes ready to move forwards and advance whilst covered by the archers with the Brutes ready to amble up the flank and smash into whatever gets in their way! The Battle Drune ready to provide support where required.

Hour I
Fomoraic win the initiative - Tarvax and Gabrax Tain move up behind the woods - Mallox advances forwards. The Ax-Drunes move behind the woods to intercept the Tarvax and the Brutes edge forwards ready to smash into the side flank of the Tarvax if they advance up the centre. Archers volley fire at the distant Mallox and do 10 points of damage.

Hour II
FOmoraic again win initiative - And elect to have the Ysians activate first. THe archers again fire at the Maalox but this time fail to harm him. The Tarvax then move around the left-hand side of the wood to escape the double-whammy trap that had been set up by the Ysians.


The Ax-Drunes then charge them, but fewer can reach than if the Tarvax had gone forwards and Tarvax take just 14 damage. The Mallox moves over towards the wood and the Brutes follow him ready for one or the other to charge next hour. Chaagmuth and the Battle Drune move to support the Tarvax and Ax Drunes.


Hour III
Again the Fomoraic win the initiative (despite the Battle Drune having an higher authority and benefiting from the re-roll for not winning initiative previously).

The Tarvax activate first in their combat against the Ax Drunes - the bloodthirsty bovines killing 4 of the Drunes with their great weapons. The depleted Ax Drunes strike back and take one of the beastly buggers down to 1/2 damage.

the lumbering Mallox, angered by the arrows piercing his thick hide charges into the Brutes - the Goader had dared to edge to close to the furry one and was duly smushed into the ground. The large reach of the Mallox was also enough to reach one of the Brutes and he was slashed to ribbons taking 25 points of damage. Not caring for such wounds the fierce Brutes fought back and caused 13 points of damage to the Mallox, blood now staining his shaggy hide. (lost an attack dice and lower constitution now making it harder to deflect further blows - the more damage taken, the weaker you become)

The Tain charges into the wood and joins the ongoing combat between the Ax-Drunes and Tarvax but despite hitting with all 3 attacks the borad axes of the Drunes parried all of his blows.

the Tarvax were not so lucky as the Battle Drune charged one in the rear and chopped it down with his mighty axe.

Hour IV
Again the wily Gabrax Tain wins the initiative against his opponent and the Mallox reared up and smashed the wounded Brute into the ground, the surviving Brute dodging aside and piercing the mighty beasts hide, making it even weaker and less deadly.
The Ax Drunes renewed their attack against the Tarvax and further wounded one of them (it lost an attack dice) but the Tarvax killed a Drune in reply.
The Gabrax Tain swung again with his blade and this time the Ax Drunes failed to parry and another was killed. The Battle Drune further wounded the bleeding Tarvax (losing another attack dice)
The archers without a clear target, volley fired into the Mallox/Brute combat - clouds of arrows smacking into the flesh of both combatants nearly killing both of them! (Mallox down to 3 damage, Brute down to 7)


Hour V.
For the 5th hour in a row the Gabrax retains the initiative - Zathag will surely have the Battle Drunes balls for this incompetent show of generalship!
The Tarvax kill 3 more Ax Drunes, leaving a sole survivor who wounds a tarvax in reply. The Brute, now heavily wounded and struggling for breath is quicker to strike than the near-dead Mallox and swings at the Mallox but the blade fails to hit vital organs and he Mallox survives - just! (a 3 on the wound dice needed to kill - rolls a 1!) The exhausted Mallox takes advantage and tears the Brute's head from its shoulders.
the Archers now with a clear shot loose another volley and the Mallox and many arrows pierce its hide and it slumps to the ground finding peace in death.


The Battle Drune kills the wounded Tarvax leaving one remaining and the Gabrax kills the last Drune.


Hour VI
Finally! The Battle Drune wins the initiative! THe archers fire at the now un-engaged Gabrax in a bid to assassinate the leader of the enemy host but the cover of the woods is enough to conceal the Gabrax and the shots go wild or fail to pierce his primitive armour.
The Battle Drune and Tarvax trade blows, both taking wounds but neither able to strike the decisive blow.
The Gabrax runs through the woods and stops just short of reaching the archers.


Hour VII
In what was to be the final hour the Fomoraic win the initiative for the 6th of 7 hours and the Gabrax Tain charges the arhcers cutting 3 of them down. The Battle Drune hits the Tarvax taking it down to 3 damage remaining and just 3 attack dice - but the Battle Drune is already heavily wounded himself and unable to block the blows of his foe and is beheaded.
Seeing their (not so able) leader cut down the archers flee the field leaving the enemy to feast on the flesh of the (many) fallen.

Victory to the Fomoraic - the lands of men shall all be ice!
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Re: 499 gold Ysians vs Fomoraic.

Postby Lesrac » Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:09 pm

Sounds like a fast paced and fun game. I would like to see more of these.
I haven't had the time to play and these kind of reports remind me, that I should play and read the rules.

But a question: which profile version did you use for this game? That you didn't take a Gabrax Unit with you is understandable, because the models doesn't exist. But for the Ysians were 79 Authority points used, but the Battle Drune only has an Authority of 75. Or did I miss something?

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Re: 499 gold Ysians vs Fomoraic.

Postby Funkychef » Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:35 pm

I haven't got the muster to hand, but in the 79 Lesrac are you counting the goader and brute authority, just the brute or just the goaders? As he binds the brutes, they are all bought for just his authority I think
Aka Dave
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Rob Lane
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Re: 499 gold Ysians vs Fomoraic.

Postby Rob Lane » Fri Apr 11, 2014 9:11 am

@Lesrac - yes, the Brutes Bind to the Goad-Drune and thus become one unit, under the Goad-Drune's Authority.
Malachi B.
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Re: 499 gold Ysians vs Fomoraic.

Postby Malachi B. » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:01 am

Ty for the nice b report! Nice to c models painted and battlin! PS: looking at painted models on stage really change the look of em, now i want brutes tarvax and bows too...
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Re: 499 gold Ysians vs Fomoraic.

Postby Funkychef » Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:59 pm

@Malachi - from watching the demo's yesterday, if you can keep your bow drunes left to the back and un-troubled they can make a real mess of things over the course of a battle- 2 turns and they almost pin cushioned Rob's Gabrax Tain, I'll definitely be building another 5 soon :)
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Tim Fisher
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Re: 499 gold Ysians vs Fomoraic.

Postby Tim Fisher » Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:49 pm

THe boys have been play-testing Brythoniad and kthones musters quite heavily this week. Look for another rep once they iron a few tactics out!
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Re: 499 gold Ysians vs Fomoraic.

Postby Quuids » Fri May 16, 2014 6:46 pm

I'm excited to see a battle report for khthones. They are intriguing me the most lately.

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