499 Encounter Muster using a Starter Host

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499 Encounter Muster using a Starter Host

Postby Alex (ÉgB) » Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:55 am

Hello, I'm working on a few lists for Kindred that interest me at the 499 gold level, based on a Starter Host.

For the Jutes I've drafted the following:

10 Jutgar (M) Full command
2 Mound Beetles (U)
6 Jutboga (C)

I prefer the Cant realm for the Jutes, which is why I've gone the Jutgar route. This comes to 499 exactly!
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Re: 499 Encounter Muster using a Starter Host

Postby HughB » Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:05 pm

Until recently I hasn't realised that the 80mm beetles for the jutes could actually fly. If you're definite about not using any of the wihts, you could still get a fairly fast and hard hitting host with a unit or two of these flying around the place. If you backed them up with a unit or two of dreaguth/gasts the shrieking could be used to drop high skill stuff down to more manageable to hit levels/hamstring lower skilled units. Taking gaze damage off bigger monsters may also be a decent way of softening them up before you fill them full of arrows/hit them with the flying beetles too. Just a thought.
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