1500 Wiht army

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1500 Wiht army

Postby Garben » Sat May 19, 2018 10:22 pm

Hi all

just deciding on what I need to add to my With army to get to 1500 gold. I am currently thinking

Gast Cyning - general
Draeguth Deathbringer with wind of death, soul stealer and invigorate
command - 2 Gasts

Command - Wiht Thain
10 Wihtgar
5 WihtBoga
1 tomb spider

command - Wiht Thain
10 Wihtgar
5 Wihtboga

Command - Wiht Thain on horse
5 Wihtgar Horse

The Thains are there to add ancestral blood to both Wiht Thains and buffing bot Wihtgar units, the raeguth Deathbringer will support raising the Wihtgar as needed and buffing them further. The Cyning and Gasts will be the main attack with the Wihtgar Horse flank charging once the Gasts or Wiht gar foot pin the enemy.

After looking at some other lists for oother musters I am a bit wary that I should have either more monstrous infantry or monstrous beasts and maybe should drop some Wihtgar and the Thains.
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Re: 1500 Wiht army

Postby DrNO172000 » Sun May 20, 2018 4:36 am

I'm afraid that won't work like you want. In order for the Thains Ancestral Blood rule to work they have to be the general or a commander, in other words, they cannot be mustered as individuals.

"If a Thain is mustered as the host's general or as a commander, one Wiht Thain included in his host may become the Forthain's Ancestor."

And of course, if they are not individuals one has to be the General as a Thain's Authority is higher then the Cyning, 79 vs 77.

You'd want them with a command anyway honestly as only the General (who can join any unit) or a Commander (who can join units in his command) can join units. Lone characters are ripe for getting picked off, especially by flyers.
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Re: 1500 Wiht army

Postby Garben » Sun May 20, 2018 8:26 am

Cheers, completely missed that. so looking again, this should fit to the muster rules. I am tempted to drop a Gast to include a further Tomb Spider

General - Thain
command - 10 jutgar, 5 Wihtboga, Tomb Spider

Wiht Thain
Command - 10 Wihtgar, 5 Wihtboga, Draeguth Deathbringer - wind of death, soul stealer, invigorate

Wiht Thain on Horse
Command - 6 Whitgar Horse

Gast Cyning
Command - 3 Gasts

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