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Darklands Gaming Day

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 11:43 am
by Brightblade
Hi all,

We have organised a Darklands Gaming Day event in Rugeley in Staffordshire on the Sunday 7th July. The event is informal. The cost for the day should be no more than £2 per person.

Playing places are strictly limited to 12 people, and the event will start at 12o'clock midday and end no later than 11pm. You are welcome to come and go whenever you want to.

Musters of Players will be upto 1000 Gold so we can get as many different games with different players as possible.

If you simply want to come along and see how the game plays you will be welcome.

The event is being held in a large room above a Public House so Drinks and Bar Snacks can be bought downstairs along with a Subway and Burger King within a few minutes walk from the venue for something more substantial to eat or bring your own packed lunch..

If you would like to attend please let me know by responding to this thread, first come first served..

As said places are limited to 12; so far we have the following attendees..

1) Brightblade (Me - Scott)
2) Grizzle (Andy)
3) Dayle12 (Dayle)
4) Cornishlee (Lee)
5) KingTiddles (Byron)
6) Garry
9) ------
10) ------
11) ------
12) ------

Re: Darklands Gaming Day

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:45 am
by KingTiddles
Looking forward to this, just gotta plan my muster!

Re: Darklands Gaming Day

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:54 am
by Brightblade
Just over a week to go until our first Darklands Open Day on the 7th July in Rugeley Staffordshire.

We still have 6 game places left, so if you fancy coming along for game just let me know and I will send you all the details.

I hope to see you there..


Re: Darklands Gaming Day

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:03 pm
by Brightblade
There is only a few days now until the first Mierce Miniatures Darklands Open Day, and we still have gaming places available.

The Event is happening on Sunday 7th July from 12midday until 11pm in Rugeley Staffordshire.

If you're an experienced Darklands player, just getting into the game or want to know what its all about then come along, Mini's will be provided on the day to play with if you have none, and experienced players will be on hand to show you how it all works and to play the game with you.

There is also a Tabletop Game show happening on the same day in the nearby town of Stafford, so why not combine the two for a War Gaming good day out.

If you want more information on the Open day then just comment below and I will drop you a message with all the details.

Hope to see you there..

Re: Darklands Gaming Day

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:55 am
by Brightblade
Safe Journey to all attendees, see you on Sunday..

If you want to bring any terrain with you it's more than welcome, we have Terrain at the club although a lot of it is geared towards 40k, but I'll be bringing some with me..

Re: Darklands Gaming Day

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:27 am
by Brightblade
We had a good day at the Darklands Open Day, thanks to Byron and Garry for attending, Lee, look forward to next time and sorry you could'nt make this one..

And thanks to our Rugeley regular Darklands players, Andy and Dayle.

Looking forward to the next one.. Watch this space...

Re: Darklands Gaming Day

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:54 am
by Jonathon Chester
Good to see this was a success!

Was a shame I couldn't make it but not getting home until 1.30 am that day from a Rammstein gig was not going to bode well with gaming!

Re: Darklands Gaming Day

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:57 am
by Grizzle
Yeah was a good day.

Cheers to Scott for organising it all and thanks to Byron and Garry for making the long trip to play. And Dayle of course :D .