Continental Brythoniaid (alternative unofficial lore)

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Continental Brythoniaid (alternative unofficial lore)

Postby antoine » Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:38 pm

Recently I read a bit about early continental brittons, and found things that I intend to use in a future narrative campaign, so I thought I could put it here, if ever anyone else find it useful for some reason.
According to history, what will become Brittany was divided in three main realms, founded by the fleeing/invading brittons. Two of them existed on both sides of the see :
-cornwall (Kernow in cornish, which became Kernev in breton, Cornouailles in french)
-dumnonia (Dyfneint in cornish, which became Devnant in breton and Devon in english, Domnonée in french)
A king of Dumnonia, called Judicaël, is known to have made peace with the Frankish king Dagobert in 637. (it seems there's been few battles between Brittons and Gallo-romans, they allied to fight the Franks, against whom there’s been centuries of war…). Another known fact of his life is that he renouced his crown, to become a monk… which of course didn’t happen in a Darklandish version !
In my alternative Darklands lore, after the Saxons beat the brittons at Deorahm (577), those from Dumnonia, more christianised and more romanised, didn’t followed the path of their Cornish neighbours. Judicaël and the Domnonians tried to ally with the Franks, to resist the growing power of Ker Ys (it was the real topic of the 636 meeting) but as you know it was in vain…
So here is the Dyfneint/Dumnonia, a little Brythoniaid kingdom, with one foot on what was their island, stucked between Saxons and crazy Ysians, and the other on this crumbling continent...

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