"Seeping" resin batch from KS1

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"Seeping" resin batch from KS1

Postby asoshnev » Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:17 pm

Hi all,

I figured I'd post it here as someone may find it useful.
If you remember, during the first KS shipment there was some issue with the resin mix that turned out "uncleanable" - basically, after you washed it, it just kept oozing some weird liquid (I yet have to figure out what it is - it dissolves polystyrene). Mierce replaced these miniatures free of charge by the way - I have to say again, their customer service experience is as good as their minis. Anyway, several months ago I ended up with several large miniatures that were seeping this weird liquid (even after several washing sessions), and decided that I can try and rescue them.

To cut the long story short, I noticed that during warm weather in summer this ooze was coming out faster. So I just put them into a bacterial incubator (I have these at work - set at 37C) for about three months. I am not sure everyone has immediate access to these, but really they are not that hard to find - every research university has dozens of labs that each have several of such incubators. You may have a friend in grad school, or a technician, or something like that. Besides, colleges tend have higher than average concentration of weird people who know what a "d10" is, so I'm sure there's a way to find one. And voila - I now have five miniatures ("miniatures" is the wrong word when we talk about Mjagnir-sized dudes) ready for painting.

Also I have to note that even after all this time at a pretty warm environment, the resin showed no signs of degradation/brittleness. So I conclude that these miniatures will probably last many years at regular room temperature.

TL;DR: place your "seeping" minis in a very warm place for a long time. Then wash them again and enjoy!

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