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Mierce Miniatures 360 Rotational Videos

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:34 am
by Bishmeister
This thread will be populated by 360 rotational videos of Mierce Miniaturres.
I intend to update this with my Mierce collection.

This will hopefully help people with the construction and modelling of the larger miniatures.


Gaanh, Walvax Tain

Conaanh, Walvax Gultain

Aanhor, Walvax Warrior

Dawaanh, Walvax Warrior


Thórrir, Troll Konungr

Gamla Bror, Troll Gothi

Vörtun, Two Axe Troll Kappi

Gjöllund, Troll Vane Bearer

Torleik, Two Axe Troll Warrior

Gurrir, Two Axe Troll Warrior

Nisurl, Two Axe Troll Warrior

Sell Swords

Finnan, Exile of the Uí Néill, Sellsword