Bases, what are your plans?

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Bases, what are your plans?

Postby denilsta » Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:27 am

I love showing off my miniatures on scenic bases, I have used lots of different manufactures in the past to tie the bases in with the models eg Secret weapons Creeping infection for my Death Guard/Nurge Daemon armies and Fantascapes Gothic Ruins for my Grey Knights....

The issue I have is what do I mount these amazing Darkland Models on? Until the rules come out and there is a bit more background information available the geography is a bit unsure. I am going for 5 starters and these are some rough ideas.

Sronax - looks like arctic conditions are the best, but I do not know if this fits the 4 Tarvax and Aalvor who I picture as more grass lands/forests, plus aren't teh Fomoraic supposed to be water based???

Khthones - At first I was thinking desert, but with Megalavra, Ygandra etc I am now thinking swamplands.

Ysian - I was going to go grassland with slate as well.

Norse - ....I am struggling a bit for a characterful look here.

Brythonial - Looking at a rocky, mountainous look.

What are you all doing for the bases or your warband? Or what sort of environment do you see the different fractions coming from?

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