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RP Games

Postby Chad » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:42 am

So I figure this place might have some rpg players and gm's. What're peoples favourites? Any recommendations?

Personally I'm a fan of WFRP second edition as it has a historical feel but is high fantasy given the nature of the setting. I'm also a fan of Only War as playing an Imperial Guardsman in 40k can only mean... Sharpe in SPAAAAACE! (ready made plot series if ever there was). Shadowrun as the counterpoint to Earthdawn set as magic returns to our world and all kinds of problems ensue from your standard anti-corp jobs to magical threats from the Astral realms, covers everyone's bases from Tech to Magic. Finally Exalted which is the only game we've come across, where a gunslinging cowboy, a powered armour supersoldier and a geisha can team up to break apart an existing setting 2 sessions after character creation. Its downside is that as it is clearly anime inspired one combat takes 300 dice, checking the rulebook 6 times and four obscure references to easily missed side bars.

I'm currently playing around modding WFRP to make a homebrew Darklands game as I've got a few ideas kicking around in my head for stories and my RP group love the models and setting (a few will be joining us here soon) though I have to read about the magic and stuff first before it will really stand a chance of getting off the ground.
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Re: RP Games

Postby Dan d'Lyon » Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:16 pm

Dragon Age is a lot of fun and revolves around a single dice mechanic. I also LOVED Waste World, but it never made it past a couple expansions. Senzar was completely over the top cheesecake, but also had some amazing inventiveness. Well ahead of it's time.
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Re: RP Games

Postby bloodwars » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:18 am

AD&D 1st or 2e works for me. stick with what you know i guess.
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Re: RP Games

Postby DeChevalier » Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:57 pm

3rd ed D&D / Pathfinder / d20 here...

... though, Old WOD will also be using these. ;)
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