Tell me about your Collection

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Tell me about your Collection

Postby CountCrushmore » Thu May 05, 2016 1:28 pm

Hi there - inspired by Phil listing his Infernii Collection in the Kickstarter Comments I thought it would be a good Idea to hear about your personal Mierce Treasure Hoard, what do you have (on Hand or on Order)?

In my Case:

Equitus Durio, Centurion
Velchior, Magus Infernum
Unmasked Velchior, Magus Infernum - 2 (1 Metal, 1 Resin)
Agathae, Signifer
Legionaries -16
Axiliar Sagitarii - 32
Gaius Galerius (Archer) - 2
Auxiliarii - 24
Auxilia Bestiarius - 9
Gaius Galerius (Gladius) - 3
Onumo - 3
Flail Onumo - 1
Skorpion Minor
Sia, leónis of kyrene
ulmons, tarask of var
Archer quintus
Bareheaded Equitus Durio
Bareheaded Quintus
Feral Agathae
Sipping Agathae
Djiuzu - 2
Dromedus - 11
Tor I Italus, Auxilia Ballistarii Tormentum

Malacant – Servile Champion of Dis
Pleasure Demon + Malacant Axe instead of the Whip - Servile Champion of Dis
Erebius Demiurion - 2
Nervor Demioption - 2
Demilegionarius - 25
Brontull Daunted Behema of Dis
Erebius Demiurion on Behema
Ignilegionarius - 6
Fiends - 5

Krokodar - 6

If you want to share your thoughts why you went for the Particular Kindreds, here is the place to do so:
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Dave Fraser
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Dave Fraser » Thu May 05, 2016 3:13 pm

stuff I actually have or stuff I've got on order?!
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby CountCrushmore » Thu May 05, 2016 3:55 pm

Both - of all the above only the Kthones are with me.
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Dave Fraser
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Dave Fraser » Thu May 05, 2016 4:25 pm

Own- Gorgon, Gorgonarch, Gorgonargos, Gorgorix, Krokodarch, 5 gorgonar, 5 Krokodar, Krokod (Kadamaster), Savrakh
Ordered - 2 Stoskoulon, Savrarch, 10 Savrakontar, 3 Szalamandra, Gorgorargos, Krokokh

Own - Mormaer, Morsagart, Umaer, 10 Gairlom, 5 Oghurithne, 5 Oghur, Savage Oghuruc, Giant
Ordered - 20 Gairlom, Umhaer, 10 Elbharu, 3 Oghurithne Hunter, Oghurithne Mormaer, Skyclad Mormaer, Umaer

Own - 2 Bog Beasts, Ri Tuath, Taoseach, Drui, 10 Tuanagh, 2 Fen Beasts
Ordered - 20 Tuanagh, Cruimther, Taoiseach, 10 Maiobhanagh, 3 Fir Bholg Hurlers, 5 Peat Beasts, Oak Beast (last 2 being subject to latest KS, but assume will get both)

Sell sword
Ordered - Alix Beastmaster
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Alex (ÉgB) » Thu May 05, 2016 7:53 pm

A mix of in-hand and on order:


Umaer Drast
Skullcap Domnech

10 Gairlom
15 Elbharu
7 Oghurithne
3 Oghurithne Hunters

Savage Oghuruc


Helmed Rudraige
Cormac on Gabrax
Drunk Cormac
2 Caitrin
Slinger Caitrin
Masked Nuala
Grisly Araigh

10 Tuanagh
10 Tuanagh
10 Maiobhanagh
3 Fir Bholg Hurlers
2 Fen Beasts



Chain Hedroc
Sickle Hedroc
Falchion Annik
Bow Annik
Drunk Zethag

10 Ax-Drunes
10 Ax-Drunes
10 Bow-Drunes
10 Rogue-Drunes
10 Shadow-Drunes
5 Brutes
3 Brute-Corrupters
3 Goad-Drunes
3 Drune-Hounds
3 Hound-Aberrants
3 Nithings

Meat Hulk


Danilo Cruz
Golgog Goat-Eater
Helmed Trytheorn
Ieuan Longshore (and Taranau)
Uhtred Uhtredsson
Érainn go Brách!

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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Rick_Boer » Thu May 05, 2016 7:57 pm

I will be confronting my problem this weekend.
It will take a while for me to get the totals though...
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Rick_Boer » Sat May 07, 2016 12:58 pm

Well, here we go....

3 Umaer (1 Mounted on Aurogg
4 Oghurithne Umaer
1 Oghurithne Channeler
1 Oghurithne Unund
19 Oghurithne
14 Armoured Oghurithne
6 Oghurithne Hunters
1 Aurogg
1 Wild Oghurüc
2 Savage Oghurüc
1 Giant
2 Goghu

3 Penda
4 Penda on Fram (2 Helmed)
3 Meloda
2 Forthegn (1 Mounted)
16 Thegn / Wiglere
1 Thegn on Hart
1 Wereofor Thegn
4 Werwulf Thegn
2 Werwulf Wiglere
2 Wælwulf Thegn
20 Gesith
40 Duguth
10 Wælwulfas
26 Werwulfas
10 Werwulf Hunters
8 Frëawulfas
4 Guthwulfas (2 Leaping)
2 Mægenwulfas (1 Howling)
1 Sleanbera

4 Teyrn (1 on Ceffyldraig)
1 Prifdyndraig
1 Dewindraig
2 Prifdynwoccor
10 Helwr
5 Dyndraig
5 Dynwoccor
1 Gwyfern
3 Cogwyfern
1 Cawrgwyfern
2 Cawrdraig
2 Draigllai
2 Draigoch
1 Tawrdraig
1 Cocwoccor

1 Centurion on Horse
2 Centurion
2 Magus Infernum Primus
2 Option
4 Auxilia Option
2 Signifer
2 Magus Infernum
2 Dromedus Secundus
40 Legionaries
32 Auxiliarius
32 Auxilia Sagittarius
6 Auxilia Bestiarius
5 Dromedus
1 Dromedon
3 Hippoxus
1 Tarask
1 Leonis
2 Ballista
1 Skorpion Minor
1 Skorpion Major

2 Drui
2 Ri Tuath
3 Taioseach
1 Cruimther
2 Ancient Fen Beast
1 Beast of Danu
30 Tuanagh
10 Maiobhanagh
5 Fen Beasts
10 Peat Beasts
3 Fir Bholg Hunters
8 Bog Beasts
2 Oak Beasts
1 Earth Beast

1 Belech
1 Kraan in Ipracx
1 Kraan
1 Untain of Baalor on Horse
10 Untain / Tain of Baalor
10 Gabrax Untain / Tain (2 Mounted) / Warlock
2 Warlocks of Baalor
2 Reiver Tain
2 Reiver Witch
1 Tarvax Untain
2 Sronax Untain
1 Mammax Tain
1 Mallax Tain
1 Walvax Tain
1 Gul-Gabrax Tain
1 Moraine Sorcerer of Baalor
30 Reivers (bow)
50 Reivers
5 Tarvax
10 Sronax
40 Gabrax
20 Gul-Gabrax
4 Toracx
1 Gabrox
6 Walvax
6 Nucranc
2 Tarvox
1 Mallox
2 Sronox
1 Dainoch
2 Kraacken
2 Drackox
1 Moraine Beast
1 Mammox
1 Crancull

2 Servile Lord of Dis
1 Servile Liege of Dis
2 Servile Champion of Dis
1 Servile Warrior of Dis
3 Servile Fiend of Dis
2 Demiurion on Behema
4 Demiurion
2 Demioption
2 Demimagus
10 Craven Fiends
10 Armoured Fiends
28 Demilegionaries
12 Ignilegionaries
2 Behema

5 Forthain Thain
2 Licwaca
4 Wiht Thain
2 Wiglaca
3 Dreaguth Thain
1 Dreaguth Deathbringer
60 Wihtgar
30 Wihtboga
30 Wihtax
10 Dreaguth
3 Gast
2 Mound Beetles
6 Tomb Spiders
2 Barrow Spiders
1 Crag Beetle
2 Ettenwiht

2 Ophios
1 Sthena
2 Gorgon
2 Gorgonarchon
1 Liskarchon
1 Krokodarchon
2 Gorgonargos
4 Savrarch (1 Mounted)
1 Savrargos
40 Savrar
30 Savrakontar
7 Krokodar
10 Gorgonares
3 Szalamandra
1 Hydra
1 Vasilisk
1 Krokod
1 Krokokh
1 Fidron

6 Skipari (1 Mounted)
3 Troll Konungr
3 Visi (1 Mounted)
1 Filungi
1 Gythja
3 Erilaz
2 Troll Jarl
2 Troll Gothi
2 Hrafnmann Jarl
20 Holumann
30 Holumann Bowmen
25 Trolls
15 Hrafnmann
50 Hrafn
3 Felltrolls
2 Jotunn
1 Felljotunn
2 Vores
1 Fellhrafn
2 Gunnhrafn
1 Valhrafn
1 Grithir

1 Vras-Lord on Goz-Horror
1 Vras-Lord
1 Blight-Vras
40 Spear-Vras
2 Vermin Fiends
1 Kill-Thing

1 Beowa
10 Rikkard
1 Trytherion
2 Ieuan Longshore + Taranau
1 Maximus
1 Florus
2 Sathach
1 Sathach on Horse
1 Danilo Cruz
1 Danilo Cruz on Horse
1 Uthred
1 Uthred on Horse
Phil Winstanley
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Phil Winstanley » Sat May 07, 2016 6:41 pm

Wow Rick. Just wow.
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Blue Prophet » Sun May 08, 2016 12:34 am

And how many years (decades?) will that take you paint, Rick? I'm assuming you will be buying more as more things are released.
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby CountCrushmore » Sun May 08, 2016 5:28 am

An Impressive Collection Rick!

But why only 3 Hippoxa and only One Scorpion Major ;D?
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Rick_Boer » Sun May 08, 2016 8:21 am

I don't even want to think about how long it will take to paint all that.
A lot of this stuff is from before the rules were really fleshed out and it was more a case of "ooooh, pretty models..I need more!!". I have been restricting myself a bit more lately, although it still results in a lot of models I might never have time for to paint. That will be a problem for the future though...

As for the Hippoxa, they're at their max size at the moment and I'd like to hold out in case there will ever be another sculpt however small that chance may be.
I doubt I will ever use more than 1 Major either, so much other stuff I'd want in a host aswell.
Dave Fraser
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Dave Fraser » Tue May 10, 2016 8:57 am

Commission painter?

It's something I've been thinking about recently, I'm pretty prolific when it comes to painting but I have armies sat in boxes that have been there for years and remain untouched. I should probably either sell them on, commit to painting them or getting someone else to paint them but it's the age old issue of I want to paint them but can never find the time for everything and at the same time... Ohh shiny new toys!

I ended up going for the £250 option on the latest KS so will have a few new toys from that in addition to the stuff I had planned so I'm just adding to the heap!
Phil Winstanley
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Phil Winstanley » Wed May 11, 2016 8:42 am

My stuff in full, between in hand, on order and on the 'will order soon' list:

3x Eormanraed, Forthain
Helmed Eormanraed, Forthain
3x Wihtwald, Wiht Thain
6x Mildryth, Thain
3x Heldred, Dreaghuth Thain

3x Aetulla, Wiglaca
1x Cunuise of old, Fane Bearer
1x Garric, Fane Bearer
1x Grima, Licwaca
2x Auga, Dreaguth Deathbringer

40x Wihtgar
20x Wihtboga
10x Wihtax

15x Dreaguth
8x Gast

3x Thacaldan, Mound Beetle
1x Gol Gul, Barrow Spider
3x Tomb Spiders
1x Scehtan, Crag Beetle
1x Banbreca, Ettenwiht

Angelcynn allies
1x Penda, Forthegn foot
1x Penda, Forthegn mounted
15x Duguth

1x Euryalia
1x Carrowek on foot
1x Carrowek mounted
1x Carrowek, War Drune foot
1x Crom, War Drune foot
1x Crom, War Drune mounted
2x Hedroc, Battle Drune
3x Annik, Battle Drune
2x Jowan, Battle Drune Hound Master
1x Brugg, Death Brute
2x Seza, Death abhorrent
1x Flesh Drune
1x Harvest Drune
1x Alix of Carn Bran

2x Mawdred, An Kern Drune
2x Kernour, Seer Drune foot
1x Kernour, Seer Drune mounted
The rose + Ulric the Defiler
1x Kerazek, Augur Drune

50x Ax Drunes
10x Sword Melusines
15x Bow Drunes
6x Goad Drunes
3x Nithings
10x Rogue Drunes

5x Brutes
5x Armoured Brutes
5x Abhorrents with great weapons
3x Corruptors

1x Chimaera
2x Mantichora
1x Meat Hulk
1x Bone Aberrant
1x Uthar's Chimera

2x Kyros, Strategos
3x Thera, Lokhagos
2x Titos, Stratekolossus
2x Nikandros, Kynigos
1x Hektor, Technomantis
Baltazar, Thaumaturgos

15x Oplites
20x Oplites
10x Iliotoxotes
10x Toxotes

10x Mesokolossus
3x Pyrokolossus
3x Toxokolossus

2x Dynatos, Bronze Bull
2x Kretos, Ogros of Bronze
Talos, Kolossus of Bronze
Talos delta, Kolossus of Bronze
Athena, Thikolossus

5x Hydrar
***Model to be decided hydrarchon***
5x Krokodar
1x Srok

1x Krull, Servile Lord of Dis
1x Krull, Servile Lord of Dis with great weapon
1x Ammon, Servile Liege of Dis with great weapon
2x Malacant, Servile Champion of Dis
1x Choloch, Servile Warrior of Dis
2x Scheccus, Servield Fiend of Dis
2x Vulcanus, Demimagus
5x Demiurion/Demioption

10x Fiends
10x Armoured Fiends
20x Demilegionnaires
6x Ignilegionnaires

1x Brontull, Behema of Dis

3x Velchior, Magus Infernum
1x Fiery Malus

2x Uhtred
Danilo Cruz foot
Danilo Cruz mounted
Sathach mounted
Alix of Carn Bran
Golgog Goat Eater

Misc (because they're pretty or for mercs or stand ins etc)

Birna, Dottir of Hrafnen on Fellhrafn
1x Trampling Maatmag (will prorbably add Mammax models for a silly elite small host)
1x Tarvox (mainly for Alix to use)
1x Flail Onumo
1x Aggrakk, Brutal Krokokh
1x Skaadi, Moraine sorceress

Four solid kindred collections plus a few stragglers :)
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby JediCat » Sat May 14, 2016 3:57 am

My turn! I thought I had a lot. Guess not.

penda the bloody-handed, warrior-king of mierce on foot
wulfhere, fane-bearer of mierce
æthelglyth, warrior-maiden of mierce
armoured æthelglyth
rowena, forwiglere of beornica
10x Gesith w/ Command
5x Werwulf w/ Command


sunspear kyros, strategos of ilios
thera, lokhagos of ilios
nikandros, kynigos of ilios
hektor, tekhnomántis of ilios
baltazar, thaumaturgós of ilios
2x Mesokolossos w/ Command
10x Oplites w/ Command
10x Iliotoxotes w/ Command
3x Pyrokolossus w/ Command

warrior ffion, bard of gwynedd |
hunter carys, uchelwr of gwynedd
forwyn carys
galon garreg, dewindraig of gwaelod
nerys, abades of penmôn
10x Helwr w/ Command
3x Cogwyfern w/ Command

rudraige the fat, rí túath of the uí néill on foot
caitrín, taoiseach of uí néill
slinger caitrin, taoiseach of ui néill
cormac of the red hand, curadh of the uí néill on foot
cúlaítar, beast of lagáin forest
dairdubh, beast of cabhán wood
grisly araigh, ancient of síleann fen
mórannach, beast of cill chonn bog
nuala, druí of danu
crístóir, cruimther of an creagán
daghda lúg, beast of danu
10x Tuanagh w/ Command
10x Maiobhanagh w/ Command
3x Fir bholg hurler w/ Command

Saairen Maari, Reiver Witch
1x Sronox

bareheaded ætulla, wiglāca
cynuise of old, wiht fain bearer
eormanræd, cant forthain on foot
gol gul, barrow spider
hooded heldred, drēaguth thain
mildryth, jute thain
thacaldān, mound beetle
wihtwald, wiht thain on foot
grīma of dwimorholt, līcwāca
10x Wihtgar w/ Command

archer sthena, gorgór of khthon
ischys, stóskoulon of khthon
frenzied srók, krokodarch
aggrakk, brutal krokokh
akontar eikovra, savrarch
khallas, hydrakh of ydron
5x krokodar w/ Command
3x Szalamandra warrior
10x Savrakontar w/ Command

armoured hrókr, gunnhrafn
bareheaded knútr of víkin, skipari of hrafnen on foot
brynhild gunnblindi, gythja of hrafnen
3x Felljötunn
warrior kjartan of jylland, vísi of hrafnen
ravener birna
gamla bror, troll gothi
10x Holumann w/ Command

Scab-face, blight-vras

sickle-annik, battle-drune
spike-gondard, flesh-drune
claw-seza, death-abhorrent
hammer-brugg, death-brute
rulguss, abhorrent with great weapon
yrag, nithing & flesh-pile
saairen rose
10x sword-melusine /w Command
5x an-bow-drune w/ Command
3x hound-aberrant w/ Command
10x an-ax-drune w/ Command
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Re: Tell me about your Collection

Postby Baragash » Sat May 14, 2016 7:23 pm

Not including Mighty Monsters Parts 1 or 2.....


Danilo (foot)
Uhtred (foot)
Finnan (foot)
Uhtred (horse)
Sathach (foot)
Danilo (horse)
Sathach (horse)
Alix (foot)


Kill-head Flint-fang


Terror of Fortriu
Crom (horse)
Crom (foot)
Gondard (foot)
Annik (foot)
Zethag (foot)
10 Axe Drunes
Kernour (foot)
5 Brutes
3 Goad-Drunes
5 Abhorrents of Ys
Ax-Crom (foot)
Ax-Falchion-Mawdred (foot)
Ax-Jowan (foot)
Sickle-Annik (foot)
Spike-Gondard (foot)
Dagger-Kernour (foot)
Sairen Rose (foot)


Eirik (foot)
Knutr (horse)
Knutr (foot)
Rollo (foot)
Birna (foot)
Vithar (foot)
5 Hrafnmann
Ravener Birna (foot)
Birna on Fellhrafn
Blood Maw
Bareheaded Knutr (foot)
Warrior Kjartan (foot)
Great Axe Thorrir
Jormungand Two Axe
Ravenhelm Vithar (foot)


Agriosavra (foot)
Myrkranio (foot)
Eikovra (foot)
5 Krokodar
Enslaved Agriosavra (foot)
Helmed Ophios
Magma Svrill
Archer Sthena
Frenzied Srok (foot)
Vengeful Thelliatiss
Warrior Eikrova (foot)


Helmed Eormanraed (foot)
Helmed Wihtwald (foot)
Hooded Heldred
Bareheaded Aetulla (foot)
Helmed Mildryth (foot)
Helmed Garric (foot)


5 Craven Fiends of Dis
Armoured Scecchus


Maagaan (foot)
Daachuch (foot)
Mananaan (horse)
Mananaan (foot)
Daarkan (foot)
Naraa (foot)
Idruaada (foot)
Bruunchath (foot)
10 Gabrax
5 Sronax
5 Warriors of Baalor
Helmed Naara (foot)
Marked Galagaak
Armoured Bruunchath (foot)
Warrior Daachuch (foot)
Helmed Daarkan (foot)
Warrior Tundaar (foot)
Greathorn Ckaarakk
Spike Qaano
Chaaruch the Despoiler (foot)
Trampling Maatmag
Archer Naara (foot)
Saairen Maari


Helmed Rudraige (foot)
Cormac on Gabrax (foot)
Grisly Araigh
Masked Nuala (foot)
Helmed Caitrin (foot)


Equitus Durio (horse)
Equitus Durio (foot)
Erebius (foot)
Agathae (foot)
Velchior (foot)
Feral Agathae (foot)
Quintus Crito (foot)
Erebius on Behema
Bareheaded Equitus Durio (foot)
Bareheaded Quintus (foot)
Armoured Djiuzu
Unmasked Velchior (foot)
Archer Quintus (foot)
Flail Onumo


Urien (horse)
Urien (foot)
Caedoc (foot)
Carys (foot)
Ffion (foot)
Mag Ap Mag
5 Teulu
Tonsured Caedoc (foot)
Forwyn Carys (foot)
Geraint on Ceffyldraig
Gynroch Ap Roch
5 Dyndraig
Bowman Urien (foot)
Warrior Hywel Hir (foot)
Dragonshield Angedern
Armoured Mag Ap Mag
Warrior Ffion (foot)


Helmed Kyros (foot)
Helmed Thera (foot)
Titos Sigma
Helmed Hektor (foot)


Penda with Wolf Helm (horse)
Eadric (horse)
Eadric (foot)
Timoth (foot)
Leofwen (foot)
Aldhelm (foot)
5 Werwulf Pack
Sweordsman Timoth (foot)
Warrior Wulfhere (foot)
Fane-bearer Leofwen (foot)
Shieldwall Eadric (foot)
Warrior Aldhelm (foot)
Armoured Cearl
Wolf Skull Cynemon (foot)
Armoured Aethelglyth (foot)


Dungal (horse)
Dungal (foot)
Ciniod (foot)
Itaina (foot)
Domnech (foot)
5 Oghu Guardians
Skyclad Ciniod (foot)
Skyclad Itaina (foot)
Young Magaag
Umaer Drast (foot)
Ciniod on Aurogg
Armoured Dungal (foot)
Skullcap Domnech (foot)
Bloody Bagseg

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