[Lore] - Heraldic Animals

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[Lore] - Heraldic Animals

Postby CountCrushmore » Sun May 22, 2016 11:56 am

Hi Everyone (especially Hi Rob ;D - since I am hoping for an official Answer).

I have wondered what Animals and Beasts would be included into the Heraldry of the different Kindred, in a World where so many Monsters and Animals (both Quadrupeds and Bipeds) are fighting alongside the Enemy. Some are easy to sort out,

- Dragons for the Brythoniaid
- Wolves and Boars for the Anglecynn
- Snakes, Crocodiles and Lizards for the Khthones

They are prominently present in their hosts, so it is no surprise that they are featured heavily in their coat of Arms of the Respective Kindred.

Then there is the Eagle for the Byzantii, maybe more of a Tradition from the Old days when the Eagles marched in Front of the Roman legions but here is where my question is buried - for Example the Wolf (as Mother for Romulus and Remus) was an important Animal in Roman Mythology, but I don´t think it will be used very often by them, at least when they are facing Anglecynn. But what about other Animals that are present in their hosts, would you find for Example a Scorpion or a Lion, a Tarask or a Hippoxa on the Shields of the Byzantii?

I don´t expect Constantine to mimic his namesake and implement the Chi Rho on the shields of his Legions, but would you think it would be out of place if I used for Example the Scorpion or the Lion (there are some nice Decals for those two out there) on the Shields of the Legionaries?

The same goes for other Kindreds as Well, do the Norse use the Wolf on their Shield Designs, would the Atalantes (I know they aren´t "The Greek") paint a Minotaur on their shields or weave a Kraken in their Banners?

[I think we will need a Lore Subforum sooner or later, would be good to collect those questions here for better reference, not buried in the Kickstarter Comments]
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