Using Mierce miniatures for a Fallout game

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Using Mierce miniatures for a Fallout game

Postby demyse » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:19 pm

Hey all

I have recently discovered a game called 'this is not a test', it is set in a world pretty darn similar to the Fallout games, it is squad based (5-20 models), has character progression (like mordheim/necromunda) and it has random encounters with monsters.

Strange request, but can you guys think of any Mierce minis that could work for this? I realise post apocalyptic is quite different from Darklands, but Mierce minis are amazing and need to be used as often as possible, even if it is as the basis for conversion pieces.

this is what I was thinking so far
ax drunes - raiders
gairlom - settlers
aurogg/brontull - Brahmin (at a push)
fiend/tarwdraig - deathclaws
ograx - supermutants
drune hound - mutant hound

100mini18-103 mierce(68 other)
100mini19-69 mierce(91 other)
100mini20-145 mierce(201 other)

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