Darklands Facebook page updates and official forum

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Darklands Facebook page updates and official forum

Postby Geoff » Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:16 pm


Do you folks think what is posted on the facebook page should also be posted on the forums? I'd have liked to have been able to put in some suggestions for 'Mierce Merchandise' and taken part in other stuff that gets put up on the FB too, but would have missed it had I not just checked it. I've been stuck into the forums for a few days, reading old posts and seeing new ones.

I also think the FB page should point people to join the forum. I dunno, maybe it does and I've missed it (limited access to FB comments without having an account), but this place could do with more new people asking questions about the game, the mini's. arranging demo's,etc

I can see the FB is a the 'shop-front', but isn't the Forum where all the actual game stuff is discussed in more detail, as well as modelling, mini's etc? Plus a few more new threads wouldn't hurt that are not rule posts.

It would be nice to have Joanna post here more often!

The two seem a little mutually exclusive at the moment, tha' all.
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Re: Darklands Facebook page updates and official forum

Postby Rob Lane » Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:09 pm

Geoff, it's a good point and one that I'll try and sort in the future; Joanna has her own business and is not always available to post here, she's got enough on doing the videos and learning the game as well as doing Facebook for us. But I'll try to chuck the Facebook posts here too when I spot them. I personally hate Facebook, so generally leave that to her; and Joanna says that the size of the forum scares her, with so many threads! But she says she'll build up her confidence and hop on here when she can.

The problem with this kind of thing - marketing, social media, etc. etc. - is that there's so many places to talk it's almost divisive; really, I'd like the forum to be the centrepoint of Mierce discussion, but too many people love Facebook / Twitter.

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Re: Darklands Facebook page updates and official forum

Postby Brightblade » Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:46 pm

This Forum should absolutely be the depository for all Game related discussions, it's for Darkland Members exclusively, whereas the Facebook page is almost like the Marketing Tool to get people interested and to wet their appetite for the Game, so they can visit the webstore, read some of the Lore, buy a Starter Host and get hooked, just like I did...

This is an amazing universe that Rob has created, whilst we may want to keep it to ourselves, in the words of Gollum, as "our Precious", for the longevity of the Universe we need to introduce new players.. The Facebook page does this..

So if you are on the Facebook Group for Darklands, invite your friends and family, you never know they may be a closet war gamer just waiting to roll some Dice and wield some cold hard steel....
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Re: Darklands Facebook page updates and official forum

Postby Geoff » Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:53 pm

Please don't get me wrong - I understand the importance of Facebook and of having a lively, friendly, chatty dialogue with both new and existing customers on there. If Mierce DIDN'T have a FB page I'd be joining the baying mob to get one up! I think Joanna is doing an ace job. My post wasn't a criticism at all. I just re-read and it probably came across like that... I'm not great at online communication (if you can't see me frown in RL you're missing half of what I'm trying to say, lol).

I didn't mean that all traffic should be navigated here, if thats how it came across, I just hoped that there were, are, (and there probably have been), pointers to let people know there is a forum where more info can be found. I feel like I'm talking myself into a hole here, so I'll just shut up and ask people to ignore the whole thing... everythings cool!

BUT! haha, there's always a but unlike Sairen Rose' its only a small one...

Stuff like the merch ideas could do with a post here cause not everyone uses FB and that's a good topic for the forum. I see there's more talk about it on the kickstarter comment section too. Not knowing where to begin with the Kickstarters Mierce do (thats a thing I'm looking forward to when the old cashflow picks up again), I've been totally oblivious to that other source of Darklands conversation, and there's LOADS of chat there between all the guys who come on the forums.

For fear of getting totally lost with all different places to keep up with for news , it would be neat if some of that stuff could be mentioned here too.

For the record, I think a GM Screen style player aid would be the best. Cardboard, six pages inc cover (with stalwart Darklands cover art), A4 that folds out across 3 pages, six sides. Full of charts and flow of game. I'm planning to make a mock up soon, using the good Doctors superb tables as a base (bloody awesome those Doc). Could even come with an A4 booklet covering the essentials of some of the trickiest rules...

And a proper good, expensive leather dice bag - with a leather drawstring. The Mierce Wolfhead embossed into to the leather.

Whatever Rob decides, everything should be ultra top quality, and probably expensive. No cheap T-Shirts etc. If Mugs, some proper ceramic ones, more akin to this

https://www.etsy.com/listing/232411554/ ... rc-futhark


https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/2700417 ... -boyfriend

Anyway, thats me done. Bit of a train-of-thought post that. I'm tired having spent all this beautifully sunny day sequestered in a lonely room building 16 (16!) miniatures (Bow Drunes and Melusines) and finishing off my kindred terrain. And doing research for my fortress question for Rob. And making tea for the wife.

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