Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

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Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby JediCat » Sat May 20, 2017 5:51 pm

Hello all, time for my semi-weekly battle report for Dakrlands. A few notes before we start:

1. I took excellent notes, but 100% forgot to take pictures. The end result will be up for show, as well as the board itself.
2. Because no pictures, I will be posting two version of the battle report: The dramatic retelling/creative writing piece, and the tactical in game breakdown.
3. I build the lists, as I own the minis, and my friends borrow for our games.
4. Because of this, it is up to me to be correct. I was not correct this fight. The Fomoraic are fighting without a minimum common unit, and the Jutes are fighting with a 2 warrior Gast unit, rather than a 3 warrior Gast unit. Due to the way these "wrong" lists/armies are set up, the battle is 999 gold Fomoraic army, no common unit, versus 896 Jutes army, missing a warrior. There is more wrong behind the scenes, but for now, enjoy!

So without further delay, the lists:

The Jutes
      Wiglaca, General, Uncommon - 104 gold

    1st Command
      Dreaguth Thain, Commander, Common (2) - 90 gold
      Dreaguth, Mainstay w/ Free Command - 4 warriors, 240 gold
      Gast, Rare, Champion - 2 warriors, 224

    2nd Command
      Wiht Thain, Commander, Common, Helmet - 45 gold
      Wihtgar, Mainstay w/ Free Command - 10 warriors, 160 gold

    Wiglaca's Līchlēoth
      Invigorate - 15 gold
      Through the Veil - 18 gold

The Fomoraic
      Warlock of Baalor, General, Uncommon (2) - 110 gold

    1st Command
      Sronax Untain, Commander, Uncommon (2) - 209 gold
      Sronax, Mainstay (2) w/ Free Command, Beaten Armour - 5 warriors, 395 gold
      Sronox, Bound to Sronax, Champion - 1 warriors, 213 gold

    Warlock of Baalor's Spells of the Ice
      Ice Shards - 13 gold
      Freezing Fog - 20 gold
      Frost Shatter - 22 gold
      Spear of the Ice - 17 gold

And with that, into battle we go!

Terrain Generation Step:

1. Small Town (3-4 buldings w/ farm) placed on Fomoraic Side, Left Corner
2. River, placed on Jutes Side, Left Corner
3. Moor, placed on Fomoraic Side, Right Corner
4. Large Forest placed on Jutes Side, Right Corner

Kindred Terrain Step:

1. Fomoraic choose Snow, covered right corner in snow
2. Jutes choose Hill and Scrub, roll Large Hill, medum Scrub
3. Forest swapped with Hill
4. Scrub placed between Hill and River
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby JediCat » Sat May 20, 2017 5:53 pm

Ætulla looked out over the battlefield. The snow had just finished falling over the moor to the south-east, a sure sign of Fomoraic invaders. They were coming to raid the lands of the Jutes, and judging by their path, they were headed straight for the barrow he had just finished tending. He could see them now, their Srónax warriors cresting over the horizon, lumbering ever forward at the behest of their sea devil masters.

Ætulla turned back to the barrow and began his work. He had everything he needed to repel any invaders, and he knew just where to go to find some ancient warriors to assist him. Time was of the essence however, so a moderate force would have to do, the more powerful Wiht too deep in the barrow to reach. A unit of Wihtgār was quick to assemble, led by an honourable Thain of old. The Drēguth were next, their ghastly visages peering out from under their hoods, an ancient Thain commanding their every move. Finally, a couple of Gāst rounded out the force, their spectral forms glowing an eerie blue in the darkness of the barrow.

Moving quickly, Ætulla shepherded them outside. The Thains would follow his commands, and in turn, their brethren would obey. He commanded the Drēguth and Gāst to the top of the barrow, their lanterns making excellent weapons to pick away at the Fomoraic foes. The Wihtgār would form a shieldwall at the base of the barrow, covering him from sudden attacks. Ætulla grinned. He had some surprises in store for these would-be raiders.
Idruaada marched forward, his Srónax and Srónox following behind. Baalor had commanded a raid on the lands of the Jutes, looking to crush some of the unliving creatures before they had a chance to be roused from their barrows. He looked up. The snow of his master had fallen right in their path, as it always had, and as it always would do. Looking now to his goal, the great Barrow in the distance, he grimaced. It appeared that someone was already here, as he could see movement on the barrow itself, great unliving forms taking defensive positions, preparing to repel the Formoraic. No matter; the Srónax were a thundering rage that few could repel.

However, he knew of the dark lanterns the Jutes possessed, how they could rip away your very soul. He would have to ensure to keep his distance, and let the Srónax take the brunt of the ranged attack. As the army closed, he commanded the Srónax Untain to take his troops on ahead, just beside the small farming community. He would hold back in the shrubland and the snow, waiting for the right time to bring forth the power of the Ice.
The stage was set. The two armies faced each other in the afternoon sun. There would be no mercy, no prisoners in this bloody exchange. Both sides knew the stakes.

Ætulla commanded an advance on all fronts. The Wihtgar had their shields interlocked and moved at a steady pace, bracing themselves for a thunderous charge from the Srónax. If their line were to break, the results could prove disastrous for the defense. The Drēguth and Gāst brought their ranged weapons to bear, lanterns and gazes reaching across the battlefield into the very souls of the Srónax. They proved more resistant than anticipated and appeared to shrug off every attempt at ripping away their souls, already claimed by Baalor as they were.

Wielding nothing but hammers, Idruaada had commanded them to engage the enemy as quickly as possible, but to ensure they were cautious about doing so. The blades of the unliving were drenched with dark magics of old, and the first strike of this battle could very well determine the outcome. The Srónax advanced, their Untain not far behind. Something was off however; the Srónox seemed antsy. Idruaada hoped that the Srónax could keep their kin in line, but all of the beast men seemed a bit too eager for their own good. They stomped and thumped their chests, eager for blood. For insurance he decided to get closer to his allies, running forward from the cover of bush, looking to provide support with his sorcerous prowess.

Ætulla focused. The Srónax had gotten just close enough for his plan, and he called upon his sorcerous powers, offering up his life force as he began the spell. However, the veil was not feeling kind today; it took all he offered, and gave nothing back. His body wracked from the experience, he prepared to regain his strength, focusing inward and meditating, restoring his body and soul for the future.
An eerie silence settled over the battlefield at that moment. The tension was palpable. The generals on both sides knew that the tide was about to shift. Idruaada’s eyes flicked to the Srónax, knowing they were the weak link. At that very moment, the Srónox exploded into action, his wild charge inspiring the Srónax to follow suit. The charge was too early however, the distance too far, and the bulk of their momentum was lost when the counter attack came. Like a storm, the Jutes forces came down upon the beast-men, relentless in their assault. The Drēguth unleashed their piercing gaze once more, leaving room for their deadly Gāst counterparts to charge, flying down the barrow at break neck speed, shrieking as they went. The gaze of the Drēguth softened the enemy up as the Gāst collided with the enemy. Their shrieks had disorientated their foes, and that opening was all the Gāst needed. Their glaive’s cut deep into the Srónox, gutting the beast in a single stroke, its insides strewn across the battlefield. Their attacks carried further still into the Srónax, leaving wounds that oozed with the blackness of death itself.

The Srónax reeled from this onslaught, and were barely able to muster a count-attack. The Gāst held firm, parrying most the blows sent their way. Idruaada had to hurry; the battle was close to over. He ran forward behind the barn, covering as much ground as possible while still keeping his body from being exposed. His sorcerous powers would be key to winning this fight, if only he could make it in time. The Srónax Untain, enraged by the killing of his troops, ran forward madly, still short of engaging the enemy. As the battle shifted, the wounds inflicted by the Gāst refused to close as blood constantly oozed out of them. However, they appeared to be shaking of their stupor, and an icy resolve settled over them.

They moved into the Gāst, bringing their hammers to bear with all their might. Weapons exchanged blows, and the Srónax reared their heads as they used their horns to gouge even deeper wounds. The onslaught proved too much for the unliving monsters, as both Gāst fall to the ground, their spirits vanquished from the mortal plane. The Srónax reform and turn to face their remaining enemies; the Wihtgār shieldwall, and the Drēguth looming on top of the barrow.
Ætulla grinned. His body and mind were ready, and he knew that the battle was his. He invoked his sorcerous power once again, and this time, the veil heeded his call. It pulled the Drēguth in, violent portals playing out a lethal lightshow over the battlefield. They deposited the Drēguth directly behind the Srónax, screaming banshees flying in from above, the portals from which they appeared swiftly closing behind them. The Srónax were too surprised by this sudden sorcerery that they were unable to turn, let alone retaliate, as the Drēguth tore into them from behind, cutting two of them down in an instant. The General pushed his advantage, ordering the Wihtgār to advance and strike. They coordinated their attack well, cutting down another Srónax and wounding another. However, the remaining Srónax were ready this time, and struck back, killing both a Wihtgār and their Thain. The Srónax sees his opportunity as the Drēguth come into range, and charges the unit of specters, slaying one outright. Their weapons cut deep in response however, and the Srónax Untain seems worse for the wear for it.

At this point Idruaada can see the battle is lost, and no amount of sorcerery will change that. The raid is a failure, and he sounds the retreat. Better to keep the Untain alive, than have to find another. Ætulla lets them go; the unliving were not always the swiftest, and he had other matters to attend to.
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby JediCat » Sat May 20, 2017 5:55 pm

Alrighty, hopefully you enjoyed that piece of writing. Not my best, but it serves its purposes.

On to the mechanical, tactical breakdown:

In terms of deployment, the Fomoraic opted for a Left Flank, positioning the Sronax further ahead than the General, looking to protect the frail sorcerer.

The Jutes opted for a simple Battle Line, placing the Dreaguth and Gast on the large hill, allowing them full sight line to any and all targets. The Wihtgar were positioned on the ground next to the hill, forming a shield wall in front of the Wiglaca general.

In the first hour, the Jutes won the Initiative.
    - Wihtgar activate under attack orders, walk forward
    - Sronax activate under attack orders, walk forward
    - Gast activate under attack orders, walk and shoot with lanterns.
      - Sronax are the target
      - 8 soul damage inflicted
      - no soul tokens attached
    - Sronax Untain activates under attack orders, walks forward
    - Dreaguth activate under attack orders, walk and gaze.
      - Sronax are the target
      - Five gazes made
      - two gazes succeed
      - first does 8 soul damage
      - second does 5 soul damage
      - No soul tokens attached
    - Warlock of Baalor activates under General orders, runs forward
    - Wiglaca acivates under general orders, holds and invokes
      - Invocation: Through the Veil
      - Mark: Gast, 8 strength
      - Increase range: 3 inches
      - Total Price: 12 + 8 +3 = 23
      - Single invoke die, 1d10
      - Roll = 0, Invoke fails

Analysis: The Fomoraic player started the Warlock too far back, looking to keep his squishy general safe. However, he quickly realized he was out of range for his Invocations, and quickly moved him forward. Overall though, standard positioning opening moves. The Jutes Shieldwall was a defense against the Sronax; they would need all the bonuses they could get if they wanted to survive a possible charge in the future. As well, both of us were unaware that you could continue inovking and recovering up to the tolerance of the sorcerer, which may have changed things. No orders change during the match; all units except Generals are under Attack orders. Note going forward: Sronox is bound to Sronax, so all Sronax activations include the Sronox

2nd Hour, Jutes win initiative once more
    - Wiglaca activates, performs a recover, 2d10 recover dice
      - Initial roll: 9 + 7 = 16, plus 1 fated recover
      - Fated recover: 6 = 6,
      - 22 constitution recovered
    - Sronax activate, declare a swift direct engagement Charge action on the Dreaguth
      - Move is measured
      - Move distance is not enough to engage any enemies
    - Warlock of Baalor retains the initiative and activates, runs diagonal forward, behind a building
    - Dreaguth activate and Hold and Gaze at the Sronax
      - Five gazes made
      - Two gazes succeed
      - First gaze deals 20 soul damage
      - Second gaze deals 2 soul damage
      - No soul tokens attached
    - Dreaguth Thegn retains on Gast
    - Gast activates, delcares a direct engagement Charge and Shriek on the Sronax
      - Shirek test is made and passed
      - Sronax are slowed and confused, skill is halved
      - Move is measured
      - Move is enough to engage
      - Gast charge attack Sronax, make base contact with Sronox
      - Sronax declare attack reaction
      - Both Gast choose a 2 Handed Glaive attack, for 11 attack dice (5 + 5 + 1 champion)
      - Most attacks connect
      - 79 death damage is done to the unit
      - Sronox is outright killed
      - 11 death damage carries over to the Sronax unit
      - 3 death tokens are attached to the Sronax
    - Sronax begin attack reaction
      - Attack reaction is an Attack Move to re-engage the enemy
      - Slow movement roll made = 4 inches
      - Sronox may only move a single inch to re-engage
      - 3 sronax re-engage, no base contact possible
      - 15 attack dice for the Sronax Clubs
      - Most attacks are parried
      - 19 damage done to Gast
    Combat Results of Gast vs Sronax:
      - Gast
        - 79 damage = 7 blood tokens
      - Sronax
        - Confusion = confusion toekn
        - Strength = 20 vs 8 strength = 2 strength tokens
        - 19 damage = 1 blood token
      - Blood Removal
        - 1 removed from Gast
        - 7 removed from Sronax
      - Gast Score = 6 exulted tokens = 6
      - Sronox Score = 2 exulted token and 1 dismay token = 2 - 1 = 1
      - Gast Victorious, victory score = 6 - 1 = 5
    - Exulted Token attached to Gast as a result of victory
    - Five defeated tokens attached to Sronax as a result of defeat
    - End of Hour 2
      - 3 Continuous Death Effect Tests for Sronax
      - 3 tests made, 1 pass, 2 fail
      - 13 death damage dealt to Sronax

Analysis: As should be evident, the Fomoraic player made a mistake. His charge fell short by about 2 or 3 inches, and it cost him dearly. The Gast Charge and Shriek was devastating, and the Sronax was obliterated before it could even land a hit. The slowed Sronax couldn't even get all 5 warriors in range for the counter attack, or make base contact for their horn attacks. A measly 19 damage was the result, not even half of a Gast's constitution. Obviously another turn of walking would of helped, at the very least allowing more Sronax to get in range. As it was, the direct charge meant they were scattered and not in a proper formation, getting in each other's way when the Gast Charge came down.

3rd Hour, Fomoraic finally win initiative, and put it to good use...only to have disaster strike.
    - Sronax activate, attack move into the Gast, attack the Gast
      - Gast declare attack reaction
      - 3 Sronax make base contact, 2 are in hammer range
      - Average amount of strikes are successful of the 26 hammer strikes
      - Double wound dice, however, mean 61 damage to the Gast
      - 1 Gast slain; 3 hp remain on 2nd Gast
      - 3 horn dice rolled, 2 successful
      - 12 damage dealt; 2nd Gast dead
      - All Gast dead, no attack reaction
    - Combat Results of Sronax vs Gast
      - Sronax
        - 61 damage = 6 blood token
        - 12 damage = 1 blood token
      - No Gast remaining; Sronax victorious
      - All dismay tokens removed; exulted token attached
      - Sronax are still engaged with WIhtgar and Dreaguth via Hammer Range/Wihtgar Spear Range
      - Sronax use victory to reform and face both the Wihtgar and Dreaguth in a line formation
    - Wiglaca activates, walks and invokes
      - Invocation: Through the Veil
      - Mark: Dreaguth & Dreaguth Thain, 15 strength
      - No additional price paid
      - Total Price: 12 + 15 = 27
      - Single invoke die, 1d10
      - Target = 4, Roll = 8, Invoke succeed
      - Distance roll of 3d10, Result = 10+ inches
    - Dreaguth compulsory activate as a result of Through the Veil
      - Fetch move behind the Sronax unit
      - 1d10 soul damage dealth = 2 soul damage dealt
      - Compulsory Ambush Action as Dreaguth landed Engaged with the Sronax
      - Ambush test: Skill test on Dreaguth Skill of 36 (Note: This may have needed to be the Dreaguth Thain skill of 45, but the Dreaguth are the majority, so 36 was used)
      - Ambush test result: 20-something, Ambush Test Passed
      - Compulsory Ambush Charge
      - Dreaguth attack Sronax
      - Ambush token attached to Dreaguth
      - Sronax may only "Hold" as a result of Ambush; no attack reaction is possible
      - Average amount of strikes land of the 34 attacks (dreaguth + dreaguth thain; rolled separately of course)
      - 63 death damage dealt, 2 Sronax slain
      - No death tokens attached
    - Combat Result of Dreaguth vs Sronax
      - Dreaguth
        - 63 damage = 6 blood
      - No Sronax results as they could not react
      - Blood Removal
        Sronax defeated; all blood and exulted status is removed
      - Exulted Token attached to Dreaguth
      - Dreaguth victorious, but still engaged
      - Dreaguth reform to partially face Sronax Untain, while keeping facing with the Sronax
    - Wiglaca retains on Wihtgar
    - Wihtgar attack move on Sronax
      - Sronax declare attack reaction
      - Low number of Wihtgar strikes land
      - 22 death damage dealt
      - 1 death token attached to Sronax
      - High number of Wiht Thain strikes land
      - 25 death damage dealt, 1 Sronax killed
      - 1 death token attached to Sronax
    - Sronax begin attack reaction
      - As a result of killed warriors and join distance being violated, attack move is made to be within Join distance
      - As such, only 1 hammer is in range of the Wihtgar troops
      - Of the 5 dice, about 3 or 4 land and are unparried
      - 40 damage dealt. Wiht Thain and 1 Wihtgar are slain
    - Combat result of Wihtgar vs Sronax
      - Wihtgar
        - 22 damage = 2 blood tokens
        - 25 damage = 2 blood tokens
        - Strength = 9 vs 8 strength = 1 strong token
        - Shieldwall = 1 shieldwall toekn (existing)
      - Sronax
        - 40 damage dealt, 4 blood tokens
        - 1 exulted token (existing)
      - Blood Removal
        - Damage dealt is equal, all blood tokens removed
      - Wihtgar Score = 2 exulted tokens
      - Sronax Score = 0 tokens
      - Wihtgar Victorious, victory score = 2 - 0 = 2
    - Exulted token attached to wihtgar as a result of Victory
    - 2 defeated tokens attached to Sronax as a result of defeat
    - Sronax Untain activates, declares direct engagement charge attack on Dreaguth
    - Sronax Untain kills 1 Dreaguth
    - Dreaguth attack back for 40 damage
    - Fomoraic Concede

Result: Jutes Victory

Analysis: The Sronax attack back on the Gast was a real win for the fomoraic. However, the Jutes had wanted to draw the Fomoraic in all along so as to make the best use of Through the Veil. That they did, and the Ambush was devastating. Killing 2 sronax without any damage in return was a brutal hit. A perfect retain decision let the Wihtgar take out a third, and forcing the Join distance to affect the Sronax movement was clutch, as the Fomoraic player did not correct remove warriors to account for it. For his credit, the Untain did some damage, but lost over half his hit points on the counter attack. It was not looking good.

Post game: As you can see at the end, things were wrapping up. On one hand, my friend wanted to play a different game. The failed charge combined with some lackluster dice rolls meant he wasn't enjoying himself as much as he could have. On the other hand, his Untain had lost 40 hit points. I still had 9 wihtgar warriors, 3 dreaguth and a dreaguth thain, and my sorcerer. He had lost over 50% of his gold in forces, and his Warlock General was too far from the fighting to support in time.All in all, he wanted to move on, hence the concession. In addition, it was right at the end that I realized the forces on the board did not match the musters I had made, so it was one error after another. Closer looks at the musters later showed that the. As I said in the opening post, the mistakes weren't as bad on the board as they were in the musters themselves, so in the end the Jutes were technically the under-dogs. It was a decent battle, but it could've gone better in a lot of ways. Have some pictures of the end results:



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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby Jonathon Chester » Sun May 21, 2017 10:06 am

I look forward to this but can I ask did the generals have a command under them?
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby JediCat » Sun May 21, 2017 2:56 pm

Nope. Due to the fact that the Wiglaca's authority was 1 higher than the Dreaguth Thain's, he had to be the general, and the Warlock of Baalor was miles ahead of the Sronax Untain's authority. As such, both sorcerers had to be the General. In order to meet Mainstay requirements for the fight, the General's had to be on their own. The Gasts could have been under the Wiglaca, but it made more sense to put them under the Dreaguth Thain (mostly for thematic reasons, but they were the same-ish type of unit too). With the sronox bound to the sronax, there was no room for a command for the Warlock of Baalor.

It was an interesting usage of the General's as well, since it allowed them free reign during deployment, and nothing relied on them. Being Sorcerers, it was useful.
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby Jonathon Chester » Mon May 22, 2017 10:08 am

I will double check but if memory serves your commands must always have a unit in them. Bit tricky to do for the formoraic
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby JediCat » Mon May 22, 2017 10:54 pm

Commands must always have a unit in them, but General's do not always have to have a command. They can be by themselves, as per Muster Rules 1.1.3 "Muster a Command: The general may muster a command of his own - that he directly commands and must join on the battlefield, thus called the general's command - or he may muster one or more commanders from the same realm as he, who muster a command for the general."
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby Byzantii V » Tue May 23, 2017 1:19 am

JediCat, I'm loving the battle reports. I enjoy the thematic style, but I really appreciate the level of detail you put into the mechanics report, especially the combat resolution. I'm learning a lot from your write ups, so please keep them coming!

Also, the forces for this one were very cool and diverse. I haven't seen the Jutes in action yet, nor the Sronax. Too bad for the Fomoraic, maybe next time those rhinos will connect.

Why was their movement reduced? Was it due to Confusion? Was the confusion from the shrieks?
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby JediCat » Tue May 23, 2017 1:41 am

It was the shriek:

From the core rule book, page 310, "Passed Shriek Test: If the Shriek Test is passed, every unit within Shriek range becomes confused and slowed for the remainder of the current battle hour."

Then, under Slow Moves on page 111, 3.8.8, a slow move means that the distance moved up to "pace" is reduced by "D5". Thus, they could only move 1".

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention is that the Shriek was done at base contact with the Sronox, and this wasn't enough to move it beyond the range of my Wiglaca. However, as this was the last action of the hour, the effect wore off at the beginning of the next round and didn't affect the battle, so I didn't mention it.
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby Beire » Tue May 23, 2017 10:30 am

Thanks for the write-up, Alexander!
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby CountCrushmore » Sun May 28, 2017 8:46 am

Very nice report, I like the fact that you´ve provided two version, well done, thanks for sharing!
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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby Rob Lane » Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:01 pm

Brilliant work Jedi!

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Re: Jutes vs Fomoraic, Icy Raid on the Barrow (999 gold)

Postby smeagol98 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:21 pm

others battles reports like this please !!

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