Atalantes balancing

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Atalantes balancing

Postby Icchan » Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:53 am

Concerning the Toxokolossos; at first glance they seemed great, walking ballistas, but the truth settled in quite quickly after a few test games with them. Main issues with them is the very low skill, extremely low number of dice, pitiful might, prohibitive cost and rare ubiquity. I couldn't think of a worse option in the Atalantes muster to spend 61 gold on. In my last game with them, out of a total of 10 shots a duo of Toxos managed to shoot, only two hit it's target, of which one was parried and the other did a total of 7 damage.
7 damage total from an unit that is both rare and cost 122 gold. It's as if they were supposed to have volley shoot to actually get some dice for shots, but that doesn't seem to fit in with the slow and lumbering image of kolossos. Higher skill would a bit, but not enough. Simply put they're way too expensive to use.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Baleful Sun invocation which just seems too good. 8 dice that and for each die that hits you get to drop one enemy warrior unconscious. It would make more sense if it were 1 die per point of strength of the target warrior. Once assigned invoked dice is equal to the strength of the target, it drops unconscious and you start assigning remaining dice to another warrior.
As it is, it really isn't that hard for example to drop the Servile Lord of Dis to the ground and beat it to death. I'd maybe also increase the initial price a bit and increase the number of dice to 10-12.
Am I missing something from the rules of this invocation? It doesn't have power so I figured that the target doesn't get to avoid it.
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Re: Atalantes balancing

Postby Brightblade » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:10 am

I had doubts about the Toxokolossos unit when I saw them on the muster, what they are useful for is Bulk Charging into 30mm Infantry, that's about it...
The 30mm Rifles and Bows are much more effective at shooting than these lumbering statues..

They need a Skill and massive might injection to make them worthwhile..

Ive got an Atalantes Host but no wizard, and didn't want to proxy so didn't pay much attention to the Invocations, but reading through that Baleful Sun, WOW, that is one hell of a powerful invoke, Temper vs Temper to roll against, so Caster has the advantage to begin, and then each successful hit knocks a warrior unconscious without them even having to take a Might or Constitution test... that does seem too powerful...
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