Far Thule Reivers

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Far Thule Reivers

Postby Skull king » Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:03 pm

Just went through the updated fomoraic muster. Glad to see the reivers have the subrealm of ‘Far Thule’ now. Just a couple questions in regards to this.

- The Reiver UNtain does not have Far Thule as a subrealm, I assume they should if the tains do.

- I assume since all the ograx reivers don’t have Far Thule as a subrealm, then none will. Might make sense though, if they’ll eventually ride feleox. ;)

- the reiver cavalry does not have Far Thule as a subrealm, should they?

- I noticed the walvax lost ‘Conaad’ as a subrealm.

Looking forward to converting one of my Maaris to be my Far Thule untain (assuming that’s supposed to be a thing :D ).

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