Swift as the Wulf and Mounted units

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Swift as the Wulf and Mounted units

Postby demyse » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:43 pm

So the above spell states the following - Marked Man: Marked warriors may only be friendly warriors of the Kin “Man” within the Marked unit. Continuous Effect: Each Marked warrior increases his PACE attribute by 1 per invoked die and his SKILL attribute by D10 per invoked die until the end of its next activation.

Duguth Eored are of the Kin 'man' on their muster sheet, would the spell work on them? or is it since the thing doing the moving is a horse (and of the kin 'horse' not 'man)

or is it that they would only gain the skill increase, not the pace increase.

also would the cost be based on the unit strength of horse+rider (4) or just the rider(1) as only the man can gain the benefit
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