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Postby Ranaglan » Sat Aug 24, 2019 4:32 am

Are there any particular "go-to" tactics that other Albainn players are using? Or is just a case of hold the line with spear & shield while the Elbharu pepper the enemy with bolts and the big guys mop things up?

Are there any units/combos that stand oit as "must-have's" when you build a muster?

Just looking for some inspiration & and ideas to guide my expansion.
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Re: Tactics...

Postby cornishlee » Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:10 am

If you can get a good line of fire from your elbharu, they're great.

Gairlom/morlom/umahr can be very effective against models of a similar size, or not much bigger. Particularly if you shieldwall them, they can really hold people up. I've used them effectively to take out the mount from under a general, once, as he foolishly rode towards them and before his non-mounted unit could catch up with him.

I've found a big unit - that can both take and give damage and go toe-to-toe with other big units essential (the giant in your list is perfect for this).

To use magic effectively, I think you need a lot of absorb dice on the table and in range of your wizard. So try to keep him near your giant.

Oghurithne can cause damage but will often take a lot in the process.

Oghurithne hunters are best doing what their name suggests - hunting down individuals (thanks, James, if you're reading this. I've tried it and its worked when they're overlooked. I'd have probably got there by myself in the end but you definitely helped me get there quicker).

Oghurucs can be devastating against units much smaller than they are but struggle against anything of a similar size or larger.

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