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Byzantii/Dis host

Postby socius » Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:38 am

Fist: so many gerat miniatures and just 2000 Gold to aim for.

Centurion + Heavy Scale Armour
- Signifier

Auxia Option + Bow + Ballistarius Option
- Auxia Ballistarius x 3
- Balliistarius
- Auxia Saggitarius x8
- Auxia Saggitarius x8

Magnus Infernium Primus +offensive shooting invocations
- Demilegionarius + light Armour x5

Servile Find of Dis
- Finds x5

This is just an other idea to play those lovely realms. I like infanterie, so i decided a lesser amount of huge monsters.
With some Invocation this host reaches about 2000g.

In this host nearly all commands are able to shoot and thin the enemys out befor they go into the infight.

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