Erainn - because tim fisher is on Twitter

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Dave Fraser
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Erainn - because tim fisher is on Twitter

Postby Dave Fraser » Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:51 pm

For any Twitter users I heartily recommend following Tim on Twitter, he's not the most prolific of posters but goes through bursts. I happened to catch onto darklands when he was testing out some of the erainn rules and his descriptions of the faction and his preferred play style rubbed off on me so much I backed them when metal age dropped.

To give you a flavour the special rule of bog beasts to absorb opponents was colourfully referred to as 'sucking off'.

Add to that the slinger unit which I instantly christened man-am-ana do doo do do doo man-am-ana! (Think muppets) and you had all the childish mental pictures I needed for a faction to click with me. Oh and they're celts, what's not to like.

Anyway that's why I'm awaiting the erainn coming but really want to paint me some bog beasts for some schlurpy action.

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