Kthones skirmish advice

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Kthones skirmish advice

Postby hdma » Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:10 am

Hi all,
i start to think on what i can play on a 1000 gold game with the rule so far, and trying to add something to reach that gold cost.

So far i have taken
1x Ophios
1x Gorgonarchon (Ssibyros)
1x Gorgonargos ( Svrill)
1x Petroyos
5x Gorgonar
1x Hydrar (Hirakoth)
1x Krokodar (Megalavra)

So this is the muster i think
1x Gorgonarchon 187
- 3x gorgonar (Champion, Agitator, Warrior) 219

1x Gorgonargos 144
- 2x Gorgonar (Harbringer, Warrior) 141

1x Krokodar champion 105

1x Hydrar Champion 91

this list leave me with 113 gold to spend but i'm out of model

I'm thinking to take Ygandr or Mazikillas, so the muster became

1x Gorgonarchon 187
- 2x gorgonar (Champion, Agitator) 219

3x Gorgonar (Harbringer, 2x Warrior) 141

1x Ygandr 264

1x Krokodar champion (light armor) 108

1x Hydrar Champion 73

This left me with 8 point...

What do you think? Any advice?
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Re: Kthones skirmish advice

Postby Special_ed » Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:39 pm

That's a pretty powerful force. But who's authority is in control of the big hydra as he is authority 72 on his own?

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