How do you use your brute corruptors?

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How do you use your brute corruptors?

Postby HughB » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:35 pm

I was sure I already posted this but can't seem to find it anywhere so apologies if this is indeed a double post and I've just lost the original.

Question is basically does anyone have much experience using brute corruptors and do you find them to be more effective in their own unit of three or are they more useful when one or two are attached to multiple brute units?

Thanks in advance for any input :-)
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Re: How do you use your brute corruptors?

Postby Grizzle » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:17 pm

This is a very late reply to this thread given I've just received my corruptors.

I've also only had one game with them so far, so my experience is probably much less than your own. However from what I've seen and given their rules I think I would probably use them in a unit of 3 with supporting goad drunes.

The reason is that as feral units they are of course also frenzied and so their attack orders keep making them move 12" towards the enemy each turn and it would be the same whether they are bound to a brute unit or not. For a ranged unit I don't think this is the best use of their (fairly damaging) ranged attack, although they do have spray for when they get closer.

But they are constantly on + rolls because of moving and range issues, so my plan would be to see how they fare if the goad drunes can get them to cool off with a goad action & then use them like a more conventional monstrous infantry ranged unit.
Although having said that, it would depend on their deployment and what they are facing. If it's infantry they would probably do really well just advancing, throwing, spraying and then clubbing with their fists, though there are plenty of units in the Ysian muster that can already mush infantry really well. But against anything of equal or bigger strength I suspect they would be outclassed (as they were when I faced a Norse troll unit with them, but that is a lot more gold than they are anyhow).

I think they would make good single monster/monstrous beast & individual killers (or at least soften them up), but once again, even if 'cooled off', being feral means they have to target the nearest enemy unit not in combat (unless nothing else is applicable of course).

All in all, I love the models & love the idea of them, but I need a bit more time to decide on what they are best for. Maybe I will try out the single one attached to a brute unit and see what it can do (might be a decent support unit with the spray as they close the distance).

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