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Andy P Norse

Postby AndyP » Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:32 pm

So I've chosen Norse as my project and picked a small, simple force that I can pit against another small monstrous infantry force to introduce some friends to Darklands. This consists of:
Eiric - Steersman 82G
Troll unit of 5 inculding champion 414G
Total 496G


These have all been trimmed, cleaned, assembled as far as I can without causing obstruction, gap filled with greenstuff and primed with Vallejo acrylic polyurethane primer through an airbrush. 3 of the trolls are basecoated with VMA camo light green with a VMA light grey belly. A 4th troll has a little VMA dark earth mixed in to the same green to provide some variation in the units colour and much more dark earth added to create a brown coloured belly. The silver colour on the weapons is VMA steel but I only put it on to test it as it was a new purchase, it will get painted over later.
The 5th troll and Eiric are still just primer.
As I always say. At the end of the goes dark :-)

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