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Funkychef's Ysian tale plog

Postby Funkychef » Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:31 am

Right, as I suck at following through on projects and logs normally, this one will be something a little different for me, a clearly defined project with a start and end point to be finished 10 weeks from today :)

The goal is a 500 gold game legal host ready for demoing Darklands to the uninitiated. To this end the force is actually going to end up slightly larger than 500 gold due to having already painted my lord and will then be expanded slightly further still in the short term to allow for swapping units in and out.

Initially the force is comprised of:

War-Drune - Rare - (Ulric) = 119 Authority 83 - Painted already not in tale points
Axe-Drunes - Mainstay - 7 Models (175) + Command section (18) = 193 authority 15
Bow-Drunes - Common - 5 Models (70) + An-Bo-Drune (3) = 73 authority 13
Manticohra - Rare = 212 authority 52

and because posts are boring without pictures, here's the host as it stands currently -


I've just realised I need to add another Axe-Drune for the preposed list, so I guess thats todays lunchtime work planned :)

I'm hoping to update this once a week at least, so if it's been a while please feel free to come on and give me stick until I have something to show

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Re: Funkychef's Ysian tale plog

Postby JohnnyJuice » Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:19 am

Ulric looks cool from all the way back there. Have you done any more work?

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