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Darklands Sherwood GT 2024

Postby Rob Lane » Fri May 24, 2024 12:19 pm


The third Darklands Sherwood Grand Tournament will be played over the weekend of the 9th, 10th and 11th of August 2024 at Britcon in Nottingham!

Held as part of the British Historical Gaming Society's renowned Britcon event in Nottingham, the Darklands Sherwood GT is truly a dream come true for all Miercenaries as not only will you get to meet the team and play five competitive games of Darklands: Second Edition upon beautifully created battlefields, you'll be able to see all of our painted miniatures in the flesh, purchase more to your heart's content and even join in the fun on Friday and Saturday night with a pub quiz, Q & A session and more! What more could you want of a Darklands weekend?

A scene from the Sherwood GT 2023!

I'm in! How do I enter?
Simply purchase a Darklands Sherwood Grand Tournament 2024 Ticket (costing £50) from the Britcon website and you're in! Be very quick though - we think this tournament will sell out fairly quickly as we are limited to twenty players in total.

This ticket covers the cost of entry (which includes an A4 rules pack to keep) but no meals, and you can stay overnight at the event's venue (Nottingham Trent University), although there's plenty of other accommodation in Nottingham.

We think it's a pretty good deal and we really do recommend that you stay over on both Friday and Saturday nights as there'll be an open gaming session on Friday evening - an Arena of Death, no less - as well as a chance to speak to the team about everything Darklands and Mierce Miniatures. Don't forget, you'll be within Nottingham, too, so you can surround yourself in the legend and home of Robin Hood himself if you want to make a holiday of it!

Andy Parkinson is very excited about the Sherwood GT 2024!

Tournament Overview

The Darklands Sherwood Grand Tournament 2024 will use the rules from the Darklands: Second Edition as well as the current Muster Rules and official kindred musters for each kindred. We will also be using any official Mierce Miniatures FAQs, errata and addenda that are released up to the host muster submission deadline, and of course any relevant rules presented in the rules pack. The full tournament rules are below, but here's a summary of what you can expect:

    - There'll be five games over the weekend, three on Saturday, two on Sunday, using 1,500 silver hosts that MUST be fully painted. There are NO exceptions to this rule, so get your paintbrushes out!

    - These games WILL use scenarios from the forthcoming Desolate Fields scenario book, one of which will be the standard Battle of Hæthfeld (the last battle on the Saturday night). The scenario book is still in stock, so get playtesting!

    - Players may only muster units from their kindred musters that have an Available status. However, we will accept conversions for miniatures that have the Coming Soon or Unavailable status, as long as ALL the components used are Mierce Miniatures components. This is a change from last year and is intended to allow people to use esoteric musters!

    - Miniatures (or miniature components) made by other companies are not allowed to be used.

    - Each player's host muster has to be submitted to the tournament organiser no later than two weeks before the tournament (so the 26th of July 2024); this allows time to check each muster for errors and so that we can print out and laminate profiles for your hosts.

    - The battlefields and their terrain will be set at the beginning of the tournament; you must bring your own kindred terrain.

    - Battles will be scored using our Five Thousand Points system and both painting and sportsmanship scores will be added at the end to work out the various winners.

    - There'll be prizes for first, second and third place, as well as a wooden spoon for the lucky loser, best sportsman and best painted army. There'll also be various spot prizes throughout the event.

A scene from the Sherwood GT 2023!

Tournament Rules
The full rules for the tournament will be available next week, but they will be similar to last year's event:
Darklands Sherwood Grand Tournament 2023

Buy Your Ticket Now!
What are you waiting for? Secure yourself a place at the Darklands Sherwood Grand Tournament 2024 before it's too late!
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Re: Darklands Sherwood GT 2024

Postby Rob Lane » Fri May 24, 2024 12:36 pm

It begins! We have a number of sworn generals and some pledged generals, and even a couple of petitioned ones...

Sworn Generals
(confirmed and tickets paid for)
Scott Atkinson - Khthones
Jon Chester - Ysians
Rob Gardiner - Albainn
Christian Hacon - Norse
Ed Haynes - Érainn, Brythoniaid or Anglecynn
Jay Lenehan - Fomoraic (Conand)
Andy Parkinson - Jutes
Billy Young - Norse
Chris Young - Fomoraic

Spare man:
Rob Lane - Vras

Pledged Generals
(confirmed they will attend, not yet paid)
Dayle Archer - Anglecynn
Jo Archer - Khthones
Grant Jones - Norse
Matt Lally - ?

Petitioned Generals
(possible entrants)

Scared Generals
(too scared to attend)
Hugh Badham - Fomoraic
Joe Connor - ?
James Polmear - Fomoraic

This list will be updated as and when!


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