999g Norse Muster

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Blue Prophet
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999g Norse Muster

Postby Blue Prophet » Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:09 am

Well I figured out a skirmish muster that I think will work and lead into what I would use in my battle muster.

Troll Konungr - Rare (with 2 cleavers so -74 gold)
Trolls (5) - Mainstay (+ armor)

Visi - Common (+ helm)
Holumann - Mainstay (+30 gold for Veteran)

Troll Gothi - Uncommon (2) (+28 for spells - Lighting Bolt and Forked Lighting)

That adds up to 999 gold.
Not sure if it is better to muster the Troll Gothi as an individual or under the Visi. Also, those are the only two spells that the Gothi can get as of right now, correct?

I'm thinking this should be the host that I try Darklands out with. Granted I don't know when I will get my metal Holumann, since I'm not sure if the Boozing Rollo in that order is holding things up, or whether he can be pushed into another order.
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Re: 999g Norse Muster

Postby Rob Lane » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:23 pm

Let me know who you are dude and I'll have a look for you. Send a mail!


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